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Isn’t it ironic? And not in the Alanis Morissette way? December 11, 2006

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Don’t worry! I’ll be right back.

Heh. ‘Right back’, indeed.

So, yeah. Sorry about that. I’ve been away for far too long, indulging in some of those recovery things like trying to spend less time online and longingly ogling shoes. In the meantime, you seem to have been doing rather well in my absence, judging by the comments. I am genuinely delighted that my little blog has brought some entertainment to fellow accident victims. In a way, I imagine myself a little like William Wallace (but not Mel Gibson, obviously) hobbling to the top of a hill with my walker and yelling “They make take our freedom, but they’ll never take our sense of irony! Sweet, sweet irony!” And, then proceed in falling down upon my enemy. Or lying down to elevate my ankle with a cold pack. You know, whatever happens first.

More stories to come in the next few days. But for those who can’t wait, here’s one tidbit: Yes, I did manage to wear high heels to my Christmas party! And lo, it was awesome.



1. linesse - December 18, 2006

hello I am glad you are back.. I would like to hear about the high heels..and also… how is your walking etc.. I am 7mo post,,and still having problem with barefeet.. and flat shoes.. any input will be helpful thanks xoxoxo

2. Marleen - December 29, 2006

Hello – so nice to find your blog. I was getting sick of the “I broke my ankle but only needed pain pills for 2 days and then went back to work” stories that I have been reading. Cause I am exactly 4 weeks after my break/surgery and I am still pretty f’ing miserable. So….just wondering. How long before you were able to bear weight and how long before you got rid of all casts? Your break sounds very similar to mine. Thanks. And enjoy those heels!

3. Amy in StL - January 4, 2007

Welcome back. I’d love to hear more stories of how you are doing. Especially how you manage to explain ankle problems that still pop up. I still occasionally have weird problems – especially soft tissue problems – five months post break and get weird looks when I mention it to friends and co-workers. I finally managed to wear heels for new years eve. But we were only eating dinner and then back to the house for watching Dick Clark in my slippers. I think going to a personal trainer a few months after my break helped. My doctor didn’t think physical therapy was required, but my improvement was dramatic with the trainer.

4. Marleen - January 5, 2007

Hey Amy – I’m in St. Louis too!

5. Elizabeth - February 5, 2007

Oh yea. I so know what its like. I have broken my ankle 3 times and my leg 2 times. It is because of severe laxity of the ligaments in my knee, hip and ankle. And it really stinks. So I know how you feel and believe me, It pays to have a good cast technician.

6. Nodrog - February 21, 2007

Dude! Your public awaits! Give the people what they want! When they want! And they wants it all the time!
Speaking of famous last broken-ankle words: when PB broke his playing hockey, his words were “I’m fine, I’ll get up. I’ll walk it off.” Until he relaxed his knee and let the tension go, and his ankle fell apart. Yeah.

7. Van - February 27, 2007

Wow! Just discovered this network of fellow broken ankled people – I’m really excited now! I broke my ankle 4 weeks ago on my way to work (it was snowing)… Am still in a cast, but I’ve been most upset about the fact that my brother gets married in 4 weeks, and in prep for the wedding (and hen weekend) I’d bought loads of new shoes! Now I’m not going to be able to wear any of them – am so disappointed!!

8. Jen - March 16, 2007

Joining the sisterhood since Jan 22, 2007. I broke 2 ankle bones and cracked my Tibia (shin bone). I, fortunatley, avoided the cast stage and am in “Das Boot”. My 2 plates and 15 screws are ready for walking, and in about 3 more weeks, hopefully I get the green light for therapy. Your blog has been a real treat, I was able to read it all through, and don’t feel so alone. I have slowly started to lose my mind, being home alone most of the day. Unfortunatly for me, I HAD to go and break my right leg, so that means no driving until I can walk. Thank you for making this, it really made me feel better about my chances of healing soon. I hope you are still feeling well.

9. Lani - April 3, 2007

Thank you too! I broke my right ankle on March 7th while using a chair to get ON my horse. OK, how many more times am I going to have to answer the question “how did you do that”?. I wish I could say that I fell off barrel racing . . but NO, I fell off getting ON the horse! The break was severe and I had to wait two weeks for surgery by a foot and ankle specialists. Finally getting a cast tomorrow. Doctor is gorgeous and single. So I made sure my mother took me down to have my roots touched up. Wish I could get my toe nails painted too 🙂 Wish me luck . . . .and thanks helping me the lighter side of all this . . .

Carole Tabora - July 26, 2013

Same story…no chair! Getting on horse, broke tib & fib. Had a plate and 8 screws. After cast came off dr noticed drainage from incision. Had to have surgery again to flush out staph infection. He took out 2 screws, that was 3 weeks ago. Last dr visit few days ago, he put me on more of same antibotics. He said i should be walking by now and no pain. Im the 1st of his patients to get staph. I can barely walk, really really hurts, haven’t been feeling well at all past few days. Its been 9 1/2 weeks since fall and I can’t walk right like he says I should….sooo tired of this…help!

10. Annie - May 18, 2007

I broke my right ankle ages ago and never had PT or any followup sessions with the DR. that saved my foot. I ended up homeless. . . .
Long sad story but now the good news, my folks are paying for surgery to remove bone fragments and fuse the joint. Has anyone heard of the Turning Leg Caddy? I saw one being used by another patient in my new surgeons office and tried it out. It seems perfect for non weight bearing one one lower leg-foot.

11. stephanie - July 23, 2007

too bad no updates! and further, too bad i just found this site. i just hit week 5 of the broken ankle chronicles. i slipped on a tree root while trail running (and in Altanta of all places..where there are no “trails” for God’s sake). i fractured the tibia and of course, with that, a sprain was thrown in for good measure. i’m in the “boot” now and am now officially enrolled in PT sessions. although i broke the tibia plateau a few years ago skiing, i had forgotten how miserable and depressing it can be. i consider myself a cheery person at that…i think my boyfriend is ready to run off and take the dog with him. crutches, pain, having to actually go to work, take showers, get out of bed, cook, trying to put on the brave face, sweating profusely using crutches trying to get to work, trying to be positive….it’s all draining! i’m now in the “i want my stilettos back NOW” phase (think 5 year old stomping foot). i’ve actually put some thought on how i woud wear an ankle brace with them..so as not to strain my ankle and still look cute. no more flats/pumas! they suck! i find that not being able to work out is depressing….it’s a mind/body thing. i try to work out in the strangest, most creative ways at home without reinjuring myself but it’s not really doing the trick. i’m going back to my trainer i had before the ankle injury this week to see what we can do. i will see my dr this week as well and hopefully i will have clearance to ditch the boot…although i don’t see how i will actually walk without some more therapy. standing now seems taxing. thanks for sharing your story. very very clever of you!!! i searched all over the internet for advice and figures 5 weeks after i find a practical site.

oh, might want to mention to those out there that i am rubbing a natural herb called Arnica all over my foot. it helps with decreasing swelling, stiffness, bruising. i swear by it as i always have it handy. also, am taking fish oil complex supplements, MSM and Glosamine supplments to help with join function. you can find these at Whole Foods or stores containing vitamins etc.

as for the sleeping issue, i had them all. i started taking a prescription drug prescribed by my doctor although they were intended for my traveling (sorry, doc). i could not sleep though and was desparate..i had spasms sometimes, and i had to sleep on my back with my leg on a pillow. not comfortable. i can now sleep on each side, but carefully and always with my ankle elevated on the damn pillow. i’m afraid this is just part of the package deal.

and i think i have a slight touch of the depression. it seems not too much makes me that happy….the two things that i love to do…travel and run/yoga/hiking have been taken away temporarily. you would not think someone could be depressed after such a short time, but i truly think so. i know i’m almost out of the woods, but the whole ordeal has caused many, manyt pity parties for myself.

and finally, in the true positive spirit, it could ALWAYS be worse, right?! i play this game on my bad days and think of one thing or ailment that could be worse. i was having a particularly cranky morning last week and on my way to work i passed a blind man waiting for a bus…and this is Atlanta, folks! it’s not an urban area where bus stops are plentiful and easy to reach. you really have to navigate and watch your arse! traffic is horrendous here and cars do not mix with humans! it could always be worse.

thanks, again, for sharing!

12. Ric - September 19, 2007

Being in a cast can be a bummer. Sometimes the cast can get on your nerves. But you can always make it fun and decorate it. Here is a site that even sells casting tape so you can always change the color of the cast. http://www.suppliescentral.net

13. heather - January 11, 2008

this is too weird…i came across this blog just today and there are so many coincidences it’s just kind of weird. anyways, my name is heather and i broke my ankle in february 2007 by slipping on a tree root while walking on a trail in atlanta. it was my left ankle and i broke the tibia and fibula and had to have a metal plate and nine screws implanted. i had my surgery at peachtree orthopedics and did the whole boot thing and some physical therapy. it’s nearly a year later and my ankle still gets stiff and swollen but otherwise i am fine. i’m debating on whether or not to have the implants removed. the funny thing is, i was “training” for a one month hike on the AT in march 07. obviously that didn’t happen… anyways it seems that 2007 was a bad year for other people, too. i know it sucked for me.

14. jared - May 31, 2008

just stumbled across the site, but it’s nice to know others are out there with broke bodies too. i had a bad care wreck about 7 weeks ago broke my right fibula and my left tibia and fibula in multiple places. oh let’s not forget about the acetabular fx (hip) that’s non-operatable. i work in surgery and very well use fixing everybody else’s legs, but it sucks that i’m on this end know. frustration sets in pretty regularly. But 4 plates and 52 screws later my legs are starting to feel better…..but let’s not jump the gun….i still have 1 more surgery in 1 month….good luck me.

15. renies - July 1, 2008

hi there broken ankle on may 11, 2008 – surgery June 1st and 5 screws and one plate later – I am three weeks away from a huge wedding ( we postponed it from june 21st from the big fall ) and I broke it all on just some small amount of water in my garage after a morning run and working in my flowers – slipped on my bare feet and there I was! the fracture in my fibula is a spirial fracture and after surgery, I wore the traditional cast and now, back to the air boot – ace bandages and such. I have a terrible time sleeping – wake up stiff and have pinched a nerve in my shoulder – perhaps the ulnar nerve, – none the less I do miss my shoes, but miss my mobility and a life semi like pre 5/11/08. Best to all here and I am so glad I found this site!

16. Nathan Coles - August 4, 2008

Hey. I broke my ankle too, I did write two small blogs on it much nearer the time it happened (13 months ago).

I have fully recovered now I’d say.

If you’re interested please feel free to read – colesy7.blogspot.com

Congratulations on your continued recovery :).


17. Ashley - August 13, 2008

I find it interesting that so often athletes are dissuaded from pursuing aggressive treatment regimes for their injuries when at times an aggressive path to recovery can improve outcomes and reduce the likelihood of a need for surgical intervention. In the area of ankle sprains, for example, a good deal of evidence suggests that patients should take an assertive approach to their recovery in order to prevent the development of excessive scar tissue and to maintain flexibility in the joint. Certainly, there are limits to this advice, and athletes and others should have a reasonable view of the time their injuries need to properly heal. Finding the point of balance between overactive and insufficient treatment of joint injuries, however, should be a goal for doctors and patients alike.


18. Pol - August 20, 2008

What a wonderful site! Geez, who knew so many people have had to deal with a busted ankle?

Mine is small potatoes compared to what a lot of you have gone through: Slipped on a grassy bank and snapped the fibula (“Snap”?? Oh-oh; “Snap” is not a good sound, is it?”). Just a clean little break, nothing complicated, except that we were on vacation in a very remote area, and the ER doc, a nice person but an internist, had never put a cast on anyone before, so I’m lying there and listening to her and the nurse saying things like, “Is that the side that goes next to the skin?” “I don’t think that’s right,” “Is it supposed to get that hot?”, and so on. A couple of hours later, I was dealing with a plaster cast that weighed twelve pounds (no joke), and two nine-hour days of car travel back home, where an orthopod put a nice fiberglass cast on me. It was so light it felt like a racing model! Sort of.

Five weeks later, having gone through many of the stages other victims here report (surprising pain, grief, boredom, the huge, immense nuisance of not being able to carry stuff), I am still in the cast but allowed to put as much weight on it as I can stand, using crutches, and in another week, the cast is scheduled to come off.

In the last few days, though, I got carried away with the whole walking around enterprise and gave myself a pretty sore ankle (no real surprise there, I guess), but the thing is that it feels as though the sockliner has gotten a little wrinkled with all the walking and maybe abraded the skin in a couple of places around the ankle. Of course, I can’t peek under the cast, and there’s no unusual swelling or sign of infection, but still, it feels a little raw.

Does this sort of thing happen? I’ve never heard of it, and no one at the doc’s office warned me about it.

19. Pol - August 21, 2008

I just answered my own question, and perhaps it might help other cast-wearers. When I spoke to the orthopod’s nurse about the “hot” feeling suggesting an abrasion under the cast, she wasted no time, telling me to come in right now. I did. She cut the cast off, and there was a small spot on the good side of the ankle that looked as if it was starting to break down.

When the doc saw it, he said it was wise to get in before the integrity of the skin was actually broached. And, as an accidental reward, five weeks after cast installation, I am now cast-free and encouraged by the doc to walk without crutches one week from now.

20. Heather - September 2, 2008

Hi Heather! I’m Heather. I just broke my ankle. Thank you for the entertainment.

21. Orly - November 13, 2008

Hi everyone, I too broke my ankle a week ago, I slipped and fell on wet hardwood floor. I am a physically active person (normally) very very active, and this is killing me…..I only broke my Fibula in a clean break so thank god no surgery. but i feel for all of you 😦
I know it is temporary, but it is not easy. I have found some tricks to get around with crutches, shower and even go down the stairs. Since I am so hyper, I always need to be on the move, this has defiantly slowed me down and board me tremendously.
If you have a tub or a standing shower, I suggest getting a chair (could be the one that folds – a cheep one) make sure it is sturdy and had those plastic thingis stuck to the bottom of the legs. I have a standing shower so I have my chair open and ready for me to sit on it. I shower sitting down trying not to move to much (in order to not move the chair to much) when finished I drag the chair with my working leg to the door of the shower, reach for my crutches (making sure there are not in water.)
Very dangerous, I have about 30 steps up when I open the door of my apartment (and 30 steps down…) so I found two ways of going up and down the stairs:
Going down the stairs, scotching down with my bottom on the first step, keeping my injured leg up in the air (keep in mind very good abs exercise, since now all I do is sit at home and eat). Then slowly but surely I use my hands and push my self up, on the step and use my good leg to go down a step. (Keep in mind thought the whole time keeping the injured leg up in front of me). So I go all the way down the stairs mean while with each two or there steps I push my crutches down the stairs (so they will be ready for me when I reach the bottom). Easier to use when going up the stairs – like a doggie on one knee (the injured ankle knee) and hands.
Going down the stairs I hold the rail that is on my injured side and hold one crutch, going up the stairs is harder like this so if it is only a few steps. I put one crutch on the place where I stand on the side of the injured ankle and the other on the step in an angle pushing toward the wall (where the step and the wall meet in that corner). Please be very careful and take your time, last thing you need is another injury….ho about that 3 days after I broke my ankle me and my husband decided to go to the movies. As we sat down I asked for ice cream, so my husband went to get me one. Right before he came back the movie started (total darkness) and he bumped into my injured ankle and turned it all the way to the other side…… well we had to leave and go to the hospital, 3 hours later and an X-Ray, my ankle bone did not change…thank god.


22. Orly - November 13, 2008

also, one more injury, since they gave me a moon boot (or whatever they call it, I remove it at night and to shower) I was wobbling around in the apartment without a shoe on one leg. and I hit my good ankle with my moon boot (exactly where the ankle is in the moon boot there is metal on the outside)… now I have one broken ankle and one bruised badly and painful ankle. ho well… did i forget to mention that i am extremely clumsy 🙂

23. DK - November 30, 2008

I just broke my right ankle on November 15th. Awful experience it has been so far. Freak accident. Jumped up for a chest-bump with a friend. Fell down and it was all over.

Had surgery with the plate and several screws and am now waiting to get my stitches out next week.

My blog:

If anyone is going through this now at the same time, please hit me up.

24. SweetP - December 7, 2008

Hi There~
This blog is great entertainment, especially since I have plenty of time to surf the web right now! Fell on Thanksgiving. With a pie in the oven for dinner, stepped outside for a sec to let the dog in and fell…DON’T WEAR SLIPPERS OUT IN THE SNOW…Heard a loud crunch and gave myself a lovely spiral fracture to my fibula. Fortunately no surgery and I have the (neutral color, goes with everything) aircast for the next few weeks. I made my husband wait till the pie came out before we went to the emergency room and when we came home he grilled us some steaks and we ate the pie for dinner. Could have been worse….I suppose, at least we missed the family drama at Thanksgiving dinner…Thanks to all of you for the great advice and cameraderie!

25. Maui Molly - December 26, 2008

Hi, I’m a new ankle breaker — I’ve done just about everything else you can do to a right leg, after a ski injury when I was just a sprat — bad knee, many ankle sprains and surgeries, but I thought all was better because I really work on those supporting muscles. So I’m coming down the circular staircase 10 days ago, looked out my window at the glorious morning, missed the next to last step, and sailed into space. I believe I performed quite an elegant jete while reaching across my body for the railing (missed). Landed on the side of the ankle, the same side I’ve sprained many times, so it being so close to Christmas and all, with so much to do, I thought I’d save time and just go get me a new and better boot rather than go wait in the emergency room for hours. So my guy took me to do that, and I still couldn’t walk, so we got some crutches too. After a couple of days, I could hobble around pretty well, so I abandoned the crutches. I did notice that the pain, which wasn’t too bad as long as I only put pressure on the inside edge of the heel, was way higher on my leg from where it had been in earlier sprains. So last Friday I finally went to the doc, and he said “oh, you have spiral fracture of the fibula” and he sent me off to the OS on the other side of the island (I live on Maui — and yes, there are worse places to have a broken ankle). So the OS checked out the X-rays and pointed out that the tibia is also cracked. Somehow or other none of these things was displaced, so He (we capitalize because He clearly thinks He is the second coming) just put on a cast, told me to stay off it for a month, and maybe then I can have my really lovely aircast back. I miss it so. Hard casts really suck, don’t they?
So anyway I feel better, now that I got that off my chest. I fully expect that God’s gift to orthopedics will tell me that I don’t need physical therapy because He performs magic, and nobody needs anyone but Him. But I know all about the stiffness, muscle loss, and proprioception problems from previous experience, and I’ve dealt with arrogant surgeons before, so I expect a battle royale next month, when I ask for a PT prescription.
Here’s a tip: When your foot swells, toes are turning blue, etc., lie on your stomach, bend your knee and hold the foot straight up. Rest it on a pillow whenever you have to. Meanwhile, make circles on the mattress with your other foot — it’s really hard to pay attention to the pain when you are trying to make perfect circles with that other foot.

26. TJ - January 8, 2009

Hi – My injury happened on a most beautiful day in early November in Ohio … one of those days where you just have to get out the motorcycle, and fly! The flying part wasn’t hard, but the landing sucked. I was bringing my beautiful new (to me) Suzuki Boulevard C50T home from Lorain, Ohio, turned down Route 36 in Delaware and hit some gravel as I turned a corner. Do you know that 650 lbs hurts like the devil when it lands on your ankle? The floorboard caught my right leg just right and I ended up with a spiral fracture of the fibula and a medial malleolar fracture. In other words, my ankle bones were messed up royally.
I really appreciated the people who stopped, called the squad, and the police – and one very hot (yes I could still see that the Harley Davidson mechanic who held my hand until the squad came, he was very sexy!) guy in particular. His hand was warm and large and I felt instantly at ease in his presence. I was shaking with shock and he calmed me down.
I really hate being dependent on others – even as good as my family was to me. There is just something very undignified about being helped to the toilet every time ya gotta go.
And it really helps to have a pet that likes to snuggle – I’ve noticed that the pain doesn’t seem to be as bad when you can pet and pet and pet your pet!
And, I hate not having a job – I couldn’t wait to get back to my desk job no matter how aggravated I am with it. I have a new respect for having something to do even if my leg swells as I sit here.
I hated my hard cast too – I like the moon boot much better. I’m trying to be a good patient and do what I’m told by the doctors, but it is hard not getting to exercise, or cycle, or even marathon walking. I’m sure I’ll get back there, but at 48 years old, how healthy could my leg really get? I was healthy before this accident, so I’ll get back to that point again.

And yes, I can’t wait until motorcycle season – I just have to get the muscles in my calf back…

27. Donna - January 13, 2009

My story is boring compared to some of yours! I was just stepping off my deck. Something I’ve done thousands of times. Slipped on the ice and landed on my ankle. That was 12/10. Broke my ankle in 3 spots and dislocated the joint. They did a reduction in the ER and splinted me and sent me home for the swelling to go down. I had surgery 12/15 – a plate and 9(?) screws (I was drugged and can’t remember if it’s 9 or 10). One screw goes through both bones and holds the tendon in place.

I’m on my second toe to knee hard cast. Had the staples removed last week. I’m hoping that at my next appt (2/4) I’ll hear that I’ve healed enough to pitch the hard cast, get the large screw out and start PT. I’m still NWB.

Thankfully friends have come to the rescue – bringing in meals, cleaning my house, chauffering me around. It’s tough to accept – I’m also extremely independent and it’s humbling having someone else cleaning your bathroom. My 17 year old son is a good (albeit somewhat unwilling) help.

I have been struggling with the same things I read about on these blogs – going stir crazy, being impatient, feeling helpless and hopeless, wishing the healing was done.

I know it’s going to be a long haul. Thanks to all who have posted that there’s life after ankle breakage!

28. Nikki - May 12, 2009

I am so glad I stumbled across this blog! it has felt like I was the only person to have had a broken ankle! I was stepping off a curb in fabulous heels on my birthday fell and didn’t make it back up!! YES on my BIRTHDAY!! THe next thing I remember is waking up in hospital a day later high on morphine…horrible pain killer!! I dislocated and fractured the fibia and tibia or summat like that!! I have had an operation and they have put 2 screws on the inside of the ankle and a plate and about 8 screws on the outside! I have been in plaster for the past 6 weeks and have been told that it will be taken off next weekto have the boot and brace…not sure how I will fair with that but I have been encouraged my other people’s comments!!
I can’t wait to be able to shave my leg and scratch it freely!!
But I hope that everyone heals well and I will let you know how the appointment goes next week!!
Cannot WAIT to be back in my heels agin…hopefully in time forf Christmas!!!

29. Nikki - May 12, 2009

PS….my brother broke the same ankle 10 days later…talk about sibling rivalry!! LOL!!

30. ilovecarepackages - May 18, 2009

i slipped in my companies shoes. hows that for ironic.
april 26th off the jobsite though
slipped many times its a known thing, they are putting rubber soles on their shoes from now on- but i get disability i think- am still waiting to hear back what im offered….

ummmm-got out of the house today for the first time other than going to the dr or hosptial… so that was exciting. just frustrated i feel like its been forever and im not even halfway there yet:(

31. Nikki - May 31, 2009

Hi Guys, so my original appointment for my cast to come off was cancelled and I was ready to commit murder…but after a lot of begging and pleading with the Dr, I managed to get an appointment 10days later!!
I have had the cast off for 4 days now and was given the walking boot which I will be in for the next 6 weeks. I have two impressive scars on either side of the ankle but the fact that I can get in the bath and scratch is a feeling I can’t decribe lol!!
Still not able to put full weight on the foot but I I can hobble with the help of the crutches!
I have been given some exercises by the physio and have already seen some improvement in ankle movement….yeah!!
Fingers crossed I will be full weight bearing within 6 weeks
hope you all heal ok

32. Ankled - June 4, 2009

Hey congrats Nikki! (Visiting from the “Gee, that’s swell” blog entry, which has 268 comments for some reason… maybe the “swelling” word.) I just checked my logs and I went from half weight to full in 3 weeks, but then I have 4 fewer screws than you do (total, across both sides) so maybe mine wasn’t quite as bad. (It’s been 4 months now and yes, I can walk, and it’s sure nice!!!)

33. Lori - June 23, 2009

Lori – May 25, 2009
Broke 2 bones in the right ankle at 3AM on Memorial Day morning while making a bathroom run. Doctor’s opted to go with the boot and no surgery since they were clean breaks. Was expecting to be able to start putting some weight on it this week (#4) – but developed a
dreaded blood clot last $week! The pain in my calf (just below the
knee) was far worse than the ankle pain. Had to go on blood thinners
including shots to the stomach for the first few days. Hopefully will have this “leg” of the journey behind me by 7/6 (my next appt) so that I can start some weight bearing at 6.5 weeks. Going sttir crazy
especially since my 17 year old pitcher is now starting travel softball
season and I can’t ride due to the blood clot.
Moral of the story – keep those legs elevated and those toes moving.
And lay off the birth control pills which must have been the lethal combo teamed with my bedrest!

34. Diane - July 31, 2009

Broke 2 bones in my ankle on June 22nd walking to my clothesline in my yard. Stepped on a root and felt it pop twice. Ouch! It has been 5 weeks since the surgery which included a plate and screws. I am in a splint and hope x rays show I can graduate to a boot next week. Did the blood thinner shots in the stomach (hated it!) but so far so good. I am humbled by the goodness of my family, friends, and colleagues. I am very independent and have really had to accept help from those around me. Crutches are very draining. For the past week, I have been getting around on a knee scooter. Wish I had invented it, I would be recouping in a warmer climate this fall. It has been a blessing to hear from all you folks who have the same experiences I have had. It is draining and depressing but I refuse to allow this temporary health problem steal my joy! I wish you all speedy healing and the same for my own recovery. Keep the updates coming, Heather.

35. el nor - August 6, 2009

A big thank you to Heather for this blog. I’m in week 4 of broken ankle-dom. Fell down front stairs in the dark and yes I heard a crunch. I’ve got the black boot, and can’t wait to get back to work. I work in NYC and take a train to a subway then walk to work. I’m dreading the prospect of getting on the subway with the boot.

Heather, you’re a very good and amusing writer. You made me laugh and cry at the same time!

36. Ally - August 18, 2009

I’ve really enjoy this blog, I feel better after reading it. I broke and dislocated my right ankle on July 11th of this year, and had surgery, a plate and 5 screws put in on July 27th. I’ve been going through what everyone else has been going through, depression, boredom, frustration. It’s nice to know that there are others out there who know exactly what it’s like.

37. Betty - September 19, 2009

Betty–September 18, 2009

The blog has lifted my spirits tonight. I turned my ankle walking in gravel down a small incline. Of course the part that hauts me every minute is that I was wearing platform wedges with ankle straps. I know I was going down, but had no free ankle movement because of the straps. Broke it in two places and neither breaks were clean. I had 8 screws and a plate. Just came home from a week in the hospital. I am in a non weight-bearing cast. For some reason, it all came falling in on my when I got home. My husband is being so great and trying to help me in every way, but I have already had two break downs. How will I ever shower or wash my hair?

38. Lena - February 24, 2010

I broke my inner and outer ankle ( the little knobs). one plate and 8 screws total. the told me I would be able to apply pressure to my foot and start walking in 6 weeks after surgery. is this really true? I have phyiscal therapy already but can hardly flex my foot to a 90 degree angle.
and I have so many nice high heeled shoes!! 😦 😦 😦 and my hobbies are ballet and ballroomdancing!!!
how long will it take until I can wear my shoes again?!?!?

nice blog by the way!

39. coral - November 8, 2010

i have to admit i was pretty devstated when you said ”More stories to come in the next few days. But for those who can’t wait, here’s one tidbit: Yes, I did manage to wear high heels to my Christmas party! And lo, it was awesome.”
and there where no stories. i’ve been reading your blog for the past month.. i have a hectic life and have only managed to squeeze in ten minutes of internet time a night lately. and i loved it!! i felt like it was a book.

am i possibly the onyl person who… touch wood… hasn’t broken their ankle but loves your blog regardless!! i wish i could find if you ahd an actual blog.
fabulous writer.

40. brokenfibulagirl - January 3, 2011

Having broken my fibula on 21 December 2010, I can’t tell you how delighted I am to read that you made it into heels by Christmas!

I’ve started a blog charting my own journey – or limp – back to high heels here: http://brokenfibulagirl.wordpress.com/

I’d love to hear from fellow fibula fracturers – and wish you all a speedy recovery. It’s a long way off but I’m determined to be dancing my way into 2012!

41. Kate Stanley - March 19, 2011

As a mother of a teenage daughter who just broke her ankle today – thanks for cheering me up – a delightful find when searching for magically marvellous cures and remedies.. Your tips and anecdotes will create a few chuckles – thanks!

42. Mara - April 17, 2011

Oh my God.
I am so happy to have found this site.
I am 19 years old and on the 4th of march I fractured my talus bone. I have been going crazy!!! I literally have cried everyday since then, cause I can’t believe how I can’t do the simplest things anymore.

Please, write more in your blog, seriously I need someone to talk to who knows what this is like, and is able to tell me that they were okay in the end. I am afraid I will always have pain when I walk, I never really did sports so being able to run a mile or play basketball is not something I am terribly concerned about. I just want to be able to walk again, my sister and I would walk about 30 minutes to get to a coffee shop we would hang out at, and I want to be able to do it again this summer.
I’m afraid I will have a limp forever.

I have a walking cast now, after 3 weeks of a plaster cast. It was minimally displaced, so surgery could be put off. I have been given exercises, just flexing my foot up and down. It is painful, feels like some bone will pop out of my heel, still incredibly swollen. I am expected to require 12 more weeks of healing, before PT.
UGH. 😦

Please, please PLEASE write more. Knowing someone else is experiencing this helps me so much, I feel so lonely all the time…

43. Liz - May 3, 2011

Heather, thanks for this site. I broke my ankle in 3 places (and dislocated it) on 21 March, simply by slipping a couple of steps from the bottom of the staircase. After 10 days in hospital – and the day I was supposed to come home! – they x rayed it and found the bone had slipped which meant operation and plate/pins. I’ve now been home 3 weeks or so and hope to get the cast off in 2 more weeks, then a moonboot. I live alone and although I can do just about everything for myself (except walk)everything is so HARD and takes ages. I prefer the walker but the physios have been keen for me to use crutches and now they seem to have stopped hurting my arms, I am trying – mainly because I want ot get rid of my middle aged woman bingo wings.

It’s fabulous to read this and to discover there are lots of others out there. It seems to have gone on forever and yet I still have swelling at times and the pain around my ankle – that horrible feeling of having put it in a vice. I can also feel the pins and plate and hope that wears off. I react badly to anaesthetic and morphine not only doesn’t work too well on me, it makes me constantly sick, so there is no way I want more surgery to take the metal out.

My family live half way across the country and my closest friends don’t live too close either so although I do have a good neighbour who pops in and one or two others, I do get lonely sometimes. I keep gritting my teeth and thinking at least it isn’t forever and it IS better than it was 5 weeks ago!

44. klogtheblog - May 18, 2011

Congratulations on the heels! I recently broke my ankle, and it’s quite a trip.

I did take advantage of my downtime to shoot a video. You might find it entertaining, and it features my broken ankle and crutches!

45. Annmarie Guthrie - June 27, 2011

I just found you today ! I am in Glasgow,Scotland and I broke my ankle on 22nd May 2011. I too am ogling shoes on the net. and i actually bought a pair of skyscraper heels that I now sit and stare at and dream of wearing ! thanks for your blog, so funny and very much like my own experience. I fell off my wedge sandals while I was heading to clean the cats’ litter tray…………..dead exciting !

46. ferrymansdaughter - June 27, 2011

Annmarie, what a way to break it! I slipped at the bottom of my staircase (two steps from the bottom) but yours is a much more entertaining story. Funny isn’t it how we become obsessed with shoes (well I always liked them) once we can’t wear them. I have bought two new pairs since my break (ORIF end of March, am now on one crutch, walking SLOWLY and dreaming of my red high heels stuck in the office. Currently I can wear my loafers and the dreader trainers (ugh) but hope to get into something else soon.

Incidentally, another good site for you to check – lots of people on it regularly – here’s the link


47. AngelaL - July 2, 2011

Hello All. I broke my ankle 3 weeks ago on June 10th. Two screws and a metal plate encased in a cast. My survival tips – get a perching chair to sit in the shower and get it taken to your kitchen later in the day, get a walking frame and hang a bag in it for your phone etc, get a limbo waterproof cover for your leg in the shower, get oarsome grips on the net for your crutches . Be patient and research on the Internet so you know what to expect! I fell on the top step of the swimming pool. Keep fit? Why bother!!!!! Seeing my surgeon Tuesday 5 July. Will post again. Good luck to all your poor fellow sufferers! Love from Angela, London Uk xxxx

48. AngelaL - July 2, 2011

Oh another thing – if you live in Uk phone your local council and ask if they can help you out. My council have assessed me and have provided a 45 min visit every weekday for my personal care. I can bathe myself and the lady finishes off my dressing ( ie stocking to stop blood clotting, putting on shoe). I just turned 60 – feel bloody miserable at my turn of events!

49. ferrymansdaughter - July 2, 2011

Angela, I too live in the Uk and the hospital put me in touch with the right people (who set it all up before I was sent home) to give me a perching stool, a commode (because I don’t have an downstairs loo), a trolley to wheel stuff around and a carer to come in twice a day.

I am now walking with one crutch; it’s still hard work and I am slow and can’t walk very far but things are gradually getting better. I can get upstairs easily now ~(after weeks of doing it on my bum) and I can’t tell you the joy of finally being able to get out after weeks of being housebound. Slowly but surely I am getting there.

Best wishes to all of you.


50. miserylovesabrokenankle - July 21, 2011

I too started my own ankle blog because I couldn’t find much online about it. Then I found yours. Although I am a few years too late, the fact that you got up on heels again gives me hope to do the same – even though the Doctor told me it would be unlikely. So thank you.

51. Hopalonginoz - August 9, 2011

What a fantastic hilarious blog! Thankyou so much! I live in Australia, and managed to lose my balance in heels on my way to work, and broke my fibula 5 days ago. Am preparing for a sacrificial burning of those same heels! It’s true!

Absolutely loved your perspectives on such basic tasks. And yes, never would’ve guessed it would take 30 steps just to have a cup of instant coffee. Heaven forbid you drop something! Crutches are an art! And thank God for my past pilate / yoga classes!

See the surgeon tomorrow who will make a call whether surgery is required, or whether just a fibreglass cast for 5-6wks. Fingers crossed!

Not the craziest story in the world, but timing of 1wk into my new job, the house move this week, a car accident a week before (stranger’s mercedes 4 wheel drive hit into the back of me while stationary at traffic lights), and my fiance’s birthday tomorrow…life is keeping me on my toes (or at least half of them?!). Again, you’re blog right now? Best net find ever!!!

52. Linda Harlow - March 17, 2012

I found this blog tonight and haven’t laughed so hard in days. I fell down the stairs March 11 and had just about the same break with dislocation. My ankle was in about a 45 degree angle. I have 9-10 screws and a plate. Right now my leg wrapped in gauze and an elastic bandage. Hopefully next Tues that will be replaced with a hard cast. My dog doesn’t understand why we aren’t going for walks but it’s just not happening with this walker. I passed on crutches but I have them from a badly sprained ankle on my other leg years ago. Thanks for the insight into what I can expect and vindication of how I feel about being laid up.

53. Chandrima - April 3, 2012

great to find a blog that talks of wearing heels as a milestone! Broke my ankle march 25, 2012 playing badminton! Had to have surgery with a plate in fibula with 7 screws, and a screw and wire in tibia at malleolus. Leg in slab for 2 weeks after which the skin staples come off! And possibly a hard cast for another 4 weeks:( damn! Had made so many plans for April and may which aren’t gonna happen now! Had also been following a rigorous training and diet which obviously goes out the window!

54. samantha - April 23, 2012

It is so comforting to know that wearing heels in the future will no longer be an issue. I was so devastated when I broke my ankle recently and realised that I can no longer wear those stilettos.
also, I have scars on both sides of my ankles and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good moisturising cream or what not that will help fade the scar away?

Chandrima - May 6, 2012

samantha, try kelo cote. Have used it on my ankle incision scars over just the last three odd days but the redness,”raisedness” and general ugliness are definitely a lot less:)

55. shnon - September 11, 2012

I wish I had found your blog back when I broke my ankle (tib and fib) back at the very beginning of July! (I mean very beginning, 10:30pm ish on the 1st. Go Canada Day fireworks -_-

56. Lyra Engel - November 13, 2012

Hi – I was coming down the front stairs and admiring my little flower garden (on September 7th) and somehow missed the last couple steps and landed on the sidewalk – twisted ankle and avulsion fracture to the talus bone. I thought it was just a sprain and stayed at home using R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression/ice bandage and elevation) but the swelling and bruising and pain were such that I finally went in for an x-ray a week later. Thankfully, the radiologist was thorough and also ordered a Cat Scan, which was what found the fracture. I was in a plaster cast for 4 weeks and yeah, at first all the attention was fun etc. but it was heavy and annoying and by the end of it I was ready to go crazy – I started watching the BBC series “Merlin” which was a great distraction. I found that I could help with dinner prep. etc. if I used a cloth bag for loading up food from the fridge and carried it over my shoulder (whilst using my crutches) to the counter. I would prop my bad foot up and sit and chop for a while or I could sit up in the counter with my foot up there too on a pillow and stir something cooking. It just helped to chip in. But, it is a work-out using crutches….though it does get easier in time. Am in a boot now, but progressing slower than I hoped. Had a bit of time when I was putting full weight on and down to one crutch, but I guess I over-did it and now it’s hurting more and swelling up more when I use it. Don’t overdo it….Am going to see a specialist to make sure there is no complication like fragments that could be slowing me down. Thinking about doing some knitting and weaving to keep from going too crazy – it’s hard not to be able to walk and do everything you take for granted. Thanks everyone for all your great stories and humor.

57. lynncarver82371 - April 8, 2016

I will always think of Frank as being perpetually young. When I first met him 30 years ago, his laughter, energy, and passion simply blew me away. He Click https://twitter.com/moooker1

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