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Code Red! It’s a PHYSICALLY-DISABLED PERSON! July 19, 2006

Posted by ouchmyleg in Personal Experience, Resources.

I’ve only had it for a week, but already I love my new disabled person sticker. Parking, usually a painful process, has become a thrilling waltz where I’m always the most popular girl and my Dance card is never full. Sadly, my sticker doesn’t enable me to priority parking on the BC Ferries, but they do have a handy policy where they’ll try to park you near the elevator. But first, you need to display their special dashboard sign. It is, I kid you not, an 8” square of shocking red cardboard emblazoned with “PHYSICALLY -DISABLED PERSON” in about 120pt font. I believe NASA should add it to their list of objects viewable from space. Were I not delighted by the extra perks, I’d have been horrified. Especially, when the crew member on the boat didn’t see it and parked me as far away as possible from the elevator. Afterwards I showed him the sign and he tersely replied “Ma’am, you’re supposed to hold that out your window when you come on the boat.” This was an excellent point. After all, I’d only had the thing on the outside of my windshield. Perhaps, next time I’ll just laminate it and wear it around my neck on a chain.



1. Matt - November 17, 2006

jeez you had it lucky! i broke my leg in sept. 2006 and i didnt get crap for being a crip exept a big hunk of plaster on my leg and a pair of uncomfertable cutches. and on top of it all i get treated like some sort of freaky space alein at school. hmmm… it may have something to do with the fact that im in middle school… more reserch needed…

2. Sarah Frazier-Edwards - November 22, 2006

how did you go about getting a handicapped sticker because it is hard trying to find a parking space with enogh room in between for me to get into my wheel chair and if you do it’s so far away.

3. chelsea - December 9, 2006

did it hurt bad?like really bad bad…

4. barry connor - April 3, 2008

hi im barry connor,i compressed my left tibia,that it was destroyed above my ancle,i also broke my fibula in 10 places within a 8 inch lenth above my ancle.i also have a lisfrank fracture to my right foot.i have been in a wheelchair since jan08.

5. I FEEL YOU AND ENVY YOU!........ - January 6, 2009

hi, i feel you and envy you. seems like you got a nice dr. that care about you. in my case i broke both ankles in a car accident, the left ankle was a closed fracture (so they did surgery to fix it) and the right one my foot ripped open at the ankle and the bone popped out . they took me to the hospital and woke up 3 days later after surgery no one took the time to explain nothing to me and when i asked they seemed insulted to have to tell me what they did to me (if i saw my dr. 3 times during all this time it was to many and i visited his office like 15 or 20 times, he never care to come to see me or ask how i was doing so if i ever saw him at the airport i would never know it was him…lol.) he is so busy….he must be making lots of money. after the agony 6 months in a wheelchair & casts, boots( 2 months, non weight bearing) and only 1 1/2 month of therapy(i was still non weight bearing, so it was not much i could do) my dr. said i was ready to go back to work. i work at the airport stand for 8 hrs. and have to walk like 1 mile more or less to get from my car to my work station. i told this to my doctor and he said that “maybe this is a good time for you to start looking for another job”. i asked if i could get a handicap parking sticker he said ” no, you walk ” he gave my no medication, no theraphy, no braces or shoes and no exponations at all. i had to go back to work or loose my job! today is 1 year and 33 days after my car accident and i’m in more pain than ever because i think my nerves are mending so i can feel more pain. ever hear of “no pain, no gain” is not true. in the mornings i’m in so much pain it takes me like 15 minutes to start walking (limping of course), if i sit for more than a few minutes is very painfull to stand again so i try to move around when i’m working as much as possible, when i get home i have to take care of everything before i go to bed because after i lay down for 5 minutes in bed there is no way i can stand up again for the rest of the night. i have tried all kind of stuff to aliviate my pain and nothing works. because i have to walk and stand so much now my knees, hips lower back and neck are affected and in lots of pain too. at my age (50) there is no changing carrees or looking for other jobs i’m a single mom and can’t afford not to work i had no income at all for 8 long months and all my savings are gone and all my c.c. are to the brim. just now i was looking in the internet for any kind of special shoes that might help me, when i saw this blog and dicided to tell you my story! hope you feel better soon!

6. Rachel - November 1, 2009

Please could you reply to my comment

7. christina lobb - December 1, 2009

hi, replying to all, broke my ankle in a freack walkiung accident, yes thats right , walking home from work one evening from a evening class i teach, reached the safty of my front gate then fell, no heroic story, no drink envoved , no water sports mountian climbing, just walking! life eh, now pinned and plated, complete with scar and a longing for matching shoes that makes me want to shout out loud in public places “please let there be some funky shoes for us unfortunate ones!!!!!!!!!!! having 6 children who depend on me and usually 2 jobs, life has been somewhat challenging, also single, but hey ho, could be worse, stories seem to vary so much as to when we will walk again, i use the as in the royle we, as we should all stand together, even be it rather unstabley!, its 8 weeks since surgery, pain in the morning is not nice, we will all get there!!!!!! chin up every one,

8. christina lobb - December 1, 2009

many apologies for spelling mistakes in later communication!

9. a - August 14, 2011


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