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At the Hop July 11, 2006

Posted by ouchmyleg in Personal Experience.

Sometimes it just seems stupid to break out the crutches when I only need to get from the bedroom to the bathroom, or the computer desk to my couch. When this happens, I opt to hop.

Most of the time hopping is an up-and-down motion. To propel yourself forward, you need to lean your body over your centre of gravity. Then, to stay upright but moving forward I choose to wave my forearms in a circular motion, while ensuring I keep my broken leg off the ground at all times. The arm waving, while highly effective, makes me appear perhaps, a little ridiculous. My cats give me ample space in the hallway, as if they’re never quite sure whether I’ll make it to the couch, or fall on my face about three hops in. Truly, it must be seen to be believed.

The other trouble is speed. Like the Juggernaut, I’m an excellent example of Newton’s first law, and stopping is usually best achieved by falling onto something rather than attempting to slow down. Under further consideration, I suppose it’s less of a ‘hop’ and more of a ‘controlled flail in a specific direction’.

To offset the reality of how insane I look, I find creative visualization useful. Most recently I pretended I was a cute but uncoordinated mouse who mistakenly fell into a pan of butterscotch pudding and used my special flailing skills to escape a caramelicious doom. Previous to this, I’ve found that I can crutch faster across short distances if I sing the theme from Hawaii 5-0.



1. Lillie Neal - October 18, 2006

great blog.I just recently broke either the tibia or fibula bone in my ankle over the weekend & I’m now in a bulky & not comfortable cast until Friday when I go back in to have another one put on.I have never broke anything- I fractured my right arm (lower part) when I was 3 & fractured my left ankle a few years ago when I went sliding across the kitchen floor on one of my kids toys. When you were in the pre-cast,did your foot itch? And what do you do when the area near your toes swells under the cast swells & turns purplish? I’m wanting to take a bath or shower real bad but I’m afraid of getting it wet- my husband says to put one of those big trash bags over it & tape around the top of it to the bag & my leg so water doesn’t get in it. I’m not liking that at all, I’m wanting to take the cast off temporarily until I get out of the bath but everyone’s saying “Nooo, don’t do that…”
I broke it when I was walking down the stairs here at home to go get something to eat.I wasn’t watching where I was going & at about the 3rd step from last,I thought I was at the bottom- wasn’t & ended up taking a tumble breaking a bone in my ankle.
I’m hoping that I don’t have to have any surgery when I go back Friday & that they fit me with a less bulky,less snug cast that I may be able to take off every once in a while in the shower (how do they expect us to shave the area?) or when I’m sitting to let my foot get some air/breath.Reading your blog has comforted me & let me see humor in my injury instead of sulking in depression.

2. Matt - November 17, 2006

i just kinda hobble/limped on my full leg cast alot

3. Sean - November 27, 2006

I hate my cast!!!!!

4. Michelle - December 1, 2006

I thought I was the only one! A year and eight months later, I had to break out hte crutches. Thank you for the humor> I haven’t been able to laugh that hard since my accident.

5. April - December 5, 2006

I broke my foot on thanksgiving, and I was in complete denial until I asked my boyfriend to take me to the ER because I was walking around in pain dragging my right foot. They call me hippy hop I hate my cast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. sara - December 9, 2006

how do you take the cast ooff

7. Ric - September 19, 2007

Change your cast color and remove the cast tips:

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