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There’s something to be said for search engine optimization… June 29, 2006

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Shortly after my injury the nurses mentioned that it was likely I’d be given an AirCast at some point in my recovery.  I didn’t know too much about it, aside from the fact that it would be removable and I’d probably end up wearing it for quite awhile.  Once I was lucid enough to Google things effectively, I did a quick search for the product that would soon be immobilizing my injury.  I’ll link to the resulting pages to spare you the time, but suffice to say, searching for “aircast” (correct link) and “air +cast” (just click it) will give you very different results from what you might expect.  I think Dr. McSurgery and I would be having a rather pointed discussion about patient/doctor comfort levels had this been what he were prescribing. 



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