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It’s compressing my will to live! June 29, 2006

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How do you spell “Awesome Afternoon”?  I spell it R-E-X-A-L-L.

A lone brunette bobbing in a sea of silver heads, I was the youngest person there by several decades.  The other customers walked slowly through three long rows of scooters, motorized wheelchairs and walker/shopping cart hybrids; occasionally pausing to peruse the buckets of canes and racks of grabbers and tools.  Having worked with seniors for several years, I know and appreciate how useful these tools can be for people with mobility difficulties or challenges.  A scooter or walker can literally change their life; allowing them to regain freedoms they’d previously lost.  Sadly, I was at the Rexall for considerably less inspiring reasons.  I needed a compression stocking.

A compression stocking is like a nylon on steroids.  Tighter, denser and considerably less attractive, it compresses (imagine that!) the leg to stimulate circulation, prevent blood cIots and speed up healing.  As I’ve mentioned before, the break and dislocation restricted blood flow to my foot for about ½ an hour after the injury until the ER doctor reset the bones.  Because of this, I had several side effects (swelling and discoloration) that could be reduced or remedied by a compression stocking. 

Putting on a compression stocking is like trying to fit a walrus into a pair of bike shorts.  , The salesperson at Rexall recommended I use custom ribbed rubber gloves to slide up the stocking a ¼ inch at a time. Fortunately, thanks to my tiny, nimble fingers I’m able to pull it on without assistance. 

Not counting the massaging chair, my favourite part of the trip to Rexall was choosing the colour of my compression stocking.  (There was an incredible selection of blue shades.  Blue!  Seriously!  Who still wears blue stockings?)  I eventually settled on the palest shade of honky white girl they had. 

The name of the colour?  ”Natural”



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