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Canada’s Next Top (Temporarily-Handicapped) Model June 26, 2006

Posted by ouchmyleg in Personal Experience.

On Sex and the City, Carrie and the girls talked about secret single behaviour (aka “SSB”). Carrie rightly noted that all girls have a secret thing they do when there’s no one around, something they’d never want other people to see or even know about. Hers was eating saltines and grape jelly, while standing up in the kitchen reading fashion magazines. Charlotte liked to look at her pores in a magnifying mirror for an hour every night. Miranda would wear conditioning manicure gloves and watch infomercials. Then there’s me: I like to put on trashy top 40 pop music, wear my favourite high heels and practice runway walking in my apartment.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have no aspirations or desire to be a model. I just love runway. It’s my favourite part of America’s Next Top Model (although Miss Jay becomes shriller and more terrifying each cycle). There’s something so sexy, so powerful, so in-control about striding confidently in super high heels. It’s too bad there’s absolutely nothing powerful, sexy or even remotely in-control about doing the same thing on crutches.

Trust me, I’m trying, but I can’t seem to figure out a way to feel pretty on crutches. It’s hard to look up (the ground can be so fickle), you’re perpetually slumped forward, and your shoulders are forever hunched around your ears. I figure any model who can make crutches look hot, has an exciting and rewarding career ahead of her. Oh, and if she’d like to make her crutching more realistic, I know a guy who can help.



1. The Sus - June 27, 2006

Personally, I practice my poses in front of the mirror. Runway is great, but for one who has struggled with being un-photogenic, finding ‘my angles’ is of great importance to me. That way if a market ever opens up for talent of my calbre….I’m in like flynn.

2. linesse - July 10, 2006

HI I broke my ankle back on may and now i am waiting to get some screws removed.. but i am wondering if you are walking and what to expect at tnis moment i am really mad.. and upset .. well i have to put my life on hold… and that is very upset… well some comments.. please…thanks…

3. liz - July 13, 2006

i know how you’re feeling: some days, it’s just too frustrating and hopeless.It’s the middle of winter here where I am and some days I can’t even get out of the house, and I’m dependent on others -hate that. Little things really get to you and you just want to run before you can literally walk. To help, I visualise the broken bones knitting together s-l-o-w-l-y and try to enjoy small pleasures like having time to read, listen to the radio and …do floor exercises! Today i made a big effort and went out for the 1st time this week, to a cafe and was warmed by the concern and care I received from all osrts of people. What keeps me going too is realising that this IS a temporary disability. (My cast comes off on 17 July.) I do hope you have a better day tomorrow, and the next.

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