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Advice, please! Gyms in Victoria… June 22, 2006

Posted by ouchmyleg in Advice, Personal Experience.

After my appointment at the cast clinic on July 6th, I want to start going back to a gym. I was starting to get in shape before my accident, but six weeks of limited activity has left me in a slightly less svelte state than before. While my arms are looking pretty great, and my back and chest muscles are stronger (thanks, crutches!), I’d like to start seriously getting back into shape. It’ll be nice to have a project to consume some of my restless energy and at the very least, it’ll be a good distraction from not being able to shop for shoes.

Mostly I’m interested in going to a gym for the recumbent bike (I have a feeling that the elliptical trainer and the stair climber will not be part of my routine for the next while) and weight training. I haven’t had a gym membership in ages (I used to rent a rowing machine and use it at home), so just like the nightclub scene, I’m a little out of touch.

I have a few requirements for my future gym, so if you’re going to suggest somewhere for me to go, try to keep these in mind:

  1. Should be in downtown Victoria, James Bay or Royal Oak (near work). I’ll be able to drive again, but if there’s anything I’ve learned for how I relate to the gym, I’ll only go if it’s on my regular route.
  2. Ideally I’d like to spend between $50 – 70/ month
  3. Please, no stairs. Well, a few stairs is OK, but not several flights. (For this reason, I don't think the YMCA downtown is a good idea for me yet)

Looking forward to hearing any ideas!



1. Stampede J - July 8, 2006

You know what Chris & my answer would be to this…
C’mon – why not try it? Every year quadriplegics everywhere climb tall mountains. Don’t let them show you up!
And then you could spend more quality time outdoors with us…

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