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Lifestyle Adjustments June 19, 2006

Posted by ouchmyleg in Personal Experience.

Before this injury, I was mostly known for my inability to digest food. It’s a special talent. I’m able to control it most of the time through dietary restrictions, but there are certain times (like at concerts, at the Vancouver Aquarium, etc) where I can get caught off guard and have to, ahem, deal with the situation immediately or pay dire consequences. Because I’ve had IBS for such a long time, I know what foods are the worst for me and I choose to avoid them like a new Ashlee Simpson single.

Besides dairy and MSG (Vietnamese Pho soup is the worst for this, in my opinion), pre-packaged foods tend to give me the worst trouble. I’ve never been all that big on the Lean Cuisine for dinner thing, so it hasn’t been much of a problem. That said, I’ve never been in a position where I can’t prepare my own food before. The nurses at the hospital warned me that I would find it very difficult to stand and make my own dinners and that I should take advantage of pre-made meals. I don’t like a lot of preservatives or additives and I’m not all that keen on the extra sugar/fat added to a lot of these meals to make up for the whole “made fresh for you, thirteen months ago” factor. There are a few good vegetarian/vegan frozen food options, but they’re hella expensive and my budget can’t really rationalize living off $3.99 burritos for six or eight weeks. What’s a girl to do?

UPDATE: My mom found M&M meats carries some decent options. I’ve had a few so far, and they’re not terrible, and they haven’t made me sick yet. Still it’s nothing to compare to a homemade meal.



1. Stampede J - July 7, 2006

still having problems finding food, or back to risotto yet? 🙂
try “cook’s day off” (O.B. Ave) for premade, frozen homecooked style meals. Truffles also offers a great meal delivery service. Perhaps, uh, “Mitchell”, could be persuaded to pony up for some?

p.s. your pink snakeskin cowboy boots are probably really lonely right now – you sure you don’t want to send them my way?

2. Kari - August 22, 2006

I don’t think Lean Cuisine uses preservatives anymore. They made a lot of changes to their line about 6 months ago and that was one of them — the food is soooo much better now. They’re still sort of expensive to live on though. I’m gonna be living on them too now for at least the next month or so…heh.

3. Shannon - March 29, 2007

Ok. Finally. Someone else who not only has a broken ankle (or did, I guess) but also has IBS that MSG triggers like none other. Oh, I can tell immediately is something has MSG, even if they lie and say not. Nothing is worse.

Anyway, I digress. IBS with a broken ankle sucks! You know what I mean…

4. Angela - March 30, 2007

Hi All

What can I say other than I feel your pain. I broke and dislocated my right ankle on Feb 24. I have a plate with 5 screws in it. To say that this has been hard would be an understament. I also know that no matter how hard “I” find this to be there is always someone worse off than I am. I had surgery (up both sides of my ankle) to repair and I think the combination of stiches and a hrd fiberglass case is almost too much for this girl to bear. I too have mastered the booty scooting stair boogie. The doc told me 6 weeks in a cast, non weight bearing but that is turning into 7 weeks, actually 51 days… due to it being Easter and the doc if off the week off. So April 16th it is for me. I go on April 10th to have a brace made so when the cast comes off the brace immediately go on. I have been instructed to start physio right away. To add another challenge to the mix my entire family at one point or another have been sick all week inevitably passing it on to me. I am not only a cripple but I feel like I have been hit by a truck and every cough wracks my body… On top of everything I am having a really hard time fall asleep and I wonder if anyone has had a similar problem. I get tired, that is not problem and I have found a comfortable way to lie down so that is not it either but as soon as I settle down and let me body relax into sleep mose I get these very sharp shooting pains that run up and don my injured/healing ankle. I fall asleep for a few minutes and then a pain will wake me up. Once I do fall asleep I will be able to sleep comfortably until I get up in the morning, It take anywhere from 2- 6 hour to falal asleep with about 3-4 being average. Has anyone else experience this or something like it?? If so how did you treat it? Enquiring minds want to know.. Thanks so much and Happy Healing to you all……..Angela

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