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Dr.McSurgery, Act II June 15, 2006

Posted by ouchmyleg in Personal Experience.

The first thing I noticed about my post-surgery x-rays wasn’t the pins, or the plate. It was the staples. 42 of them, according to the lab technician. Like little glowing golden arches, they tracked up my leg in two paths; a four inch swath on the top of my foot and six inch path on the outside of my ankle. I was grossed out, but still totally excited to see what my leg might look like after this accident.

Unlike my dream the night before, the cast saw wasn’t scary. Two long cuts up my calf, a stretch with a pair of large forceps, and it popped off, to reveal layers of padding and surgical gauze. At my request, Mom was ready with the camera to take the first photos of my injured leg. We both freaked out a little when we saw the two layers of blood-soaked bandages around my ankle, and then the two surgical scars. How best to describe them? Remember the scene in Highlander when you see that the Kurgan has repaired his almost-beheaded neck with safety pins? A lot like that. (Psst! Boys, I’m single!) Besides the injury, there’s a lot of swelling and bruising. My entire leg from toe to knee is mottled green, purple and blue. If there was casting in Victoria for a zombie ankle, I’d be the perfect choice.

The doctor decided that despite the swelling, it should be OK to remove the staples and replace them with adhesive bandages. I wanted to impress Dr. McSurgery with my amazingly high tolerance for pain, so I turned away and tried my best not to flinch as he pulled out the staples. “Some people in this lab are quite gentle when they do this. Unlucky for you, I’m not.” Is it wrong that I found that kind of hot? Don’t answer that.

My next appointment is on July 6th, where I’ll have another set of x-rays and then find out if I’m healed properly. I’ll also get information on when I can start putting weight on it, and find out about physiotherapy. Also, after that appointment I’ll finally be allowed to drive again. To say that I can’t wait would be an understatement.



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