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Gross! Anatomy June 12, 2006

Posted by ouchmyleg in Personal Experience.

For the record, I did very well in high school biology. (I like to remind people of this fact when they make fun of my theatre degree)

Anyway, I’ve always found anatomy interesting and once I was on appropriate pain medication I was eager to find out details of my injury. After they’d resolved the immediate problems with my ankle (the parts involving dislocation and the fact that my ankle apparently had no pulse for ½ an hour), the doctors and nurses in the emergency room were happy to fulfill my macabre desires.

Here’s what I know: when I fell I broke my ankle in three places – two fractures at the base of my tibia and a higher fracture on my fibula. I also dislocated my ankle, which involved my foot being turned a full 90 degrees from normal. I didn’t see this at the time of injury (“Mitchell” thoughtfully covered my eyes and the paramedics thoughtfully lied to me), which is probably for the best as I was unnaturally calm during the whole process and being able to see the bottom of my foot would have probably ruined my zen.

For the story on how I broke my ankle, click here. 



1. Tonya 9/7/07 - September 7, 2007

I shattered my ankle in 0ver 9 places from sleeding with my husband on the worst snow day of this year. We where done sleeding in fact I was rolling off the sled nad wellam, felt this pain that I had never felt before in my life. Was in a 4 hour surgery placing 2 plats and 12 screws, in a cast for 5 weeks, then a boot for two with no weight berring. In therapy for 4 months 4X a week. I still have the hardware in, mobility is poor and to the point that I need the hardware taken out, any coments on that?

2. Tina - May 6, 2008

Your injury sounds somewhat similar to mine. I was just walkin across the parking lot when something went bad wrong…not really sure what, dunno if i stepped in a hole in the grass or if my a nkle just popped out of joint or what, but i felt the bone in my calf break, heard some weird crunching and when i rolled to a seated position my toes were basically pointed towards my abdomen. Without really thinking about what I was doing, I grabbed my foot and kinda wrenched it around the way it was supposed to go. By the time the paramedics got there about 15 minutes later, they thought it was just gonna be a sprain, cuz it really didn’t look all that bad.

Turned out that both bones in the calf had breaks or fractures (i’ve heard them call it both) and the ankle had a fracture and dislocation. I’m a little over a week post surgery and still in the don’t put any weight on it phase. I have some pins, screws and a plate along the outside of my calf.

So far they haven’t given me any crutches so i’m still using a walker for short trips and a wheel chair for longer ones. To complicate matters i’m pretty overweight, so hopping on one foot really sucks, but i’m hoping this will compell me to finally get the weight off when i get a little more recovered.

Really enjoying your blog.

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