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Cups and crutches: help! June 12, 2006

Posted by ouchmyleg in Advice, Personal Experience.

For the love of mike, will someone please tell me how you’re supposed to carry a cup and use crutches at the same time?



1. Barb - August 25, 2006

I’ve gotten really good at carrying items while on crutches. You grip the crutches with your armpit and slowly swing the crutches forward. Voila it does work. I can also walk on crutches and talk on the telephone at the same time. Of course everything takes 5 times as long as normal.

Has anyone used a oneCrutch or Roll-a-bout?

2. El - September 17, 2006

Hey, i broke my ankle 7 weeks ago and just got the cast off. The swing while under the arm really works well,but my fave has been the office chair. Thank god by sheer dumb luck i think, my parents decided on pollished wooden floor boards on our bottom level, so i was rolling around on that. It was a life saver! I could cook, make coffee, and carry both my lunch and drink into the lounge room with me! Highly recomended if you have floor boards!

3. Nubeena - February 21, 2007

The crutch “swing” is definitely the way to carry anything. although you should really make a conscious effort to hold the crutches between your upper arm and your torso (don’t let your body weight be taken on your armpits or you will do yourself more harm than good). I used this technique very effectively when I was on crutches and also having to participate in biochemistry laboratory experiments 20 years ago (we’ll ignore the acid burn on the front of one of my casts). I resurrected these forgotten skills recently when some delightful child decided to use my leg as a sled brake (and I did break).
As a “responsible” member of society (read parent of two children), with a husband currently serving on military service overseas, I greeted my mid-winter event with all the enthusiasm I could muster. I have discovered that it is possible to carry the household washing down and up two flights of stairs, to iron and put away said laundry, to make the lunches (I usually balk at making the children’s breakfasts), to cook and clean up after oneself, all whilst on crutches.
It was definitely easier to be on crutches when I was a young and carefree university student. Note to all who are considering suffering a break or having leg surgery: make sure you do it whilst you are still living with your parents, or you can go back to them. Any other time is just not fun…

4. Kailey - July 5, 2011

A cup… or my phone… or my change of clothes when I’m trying to go to take a shower! Or ALL OF THEM AT THE SAME TIME!
I love this blog. Seriously. I have experienced most, if not all the dilemmas you talk about in your posts.

5. Callie - January 2, 2013

I did the crutch “swing” thing when I had to carry more than one thing, but when it was just a cup, i got one of those big Tervis tumblers(the 24 oz one) and i put a lid on it that slides open and closed. Then i stuck it on top of the crutch handle and squished it between my arm and side while crutching to wherever i was going.

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