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Enter Dr. McSurgery June 9, 2006

Posted by ouchmyleg in Personal Experience.

Besides a neverending supply of lemon pudding, there are few plusses to being bedridden in the hospital. Luckily, a hot orthopedic surgeon can be one of them. My doctor (for the sake of politeness we’ll call him “Dr. McSurgery”) was very cute: tall, big eyes, nice voice. He certainly had great PR: all of the nurses (including the emergency room nurses the previous night) had been singing his praises. “He’s the best. If I broke a bone (touch wood) he’d be the one I’d want operating on me.” Despite hearing tales of his expert scalpel wielding (I was assured that my scars would be very thin) and charming, Clooney-esque bedside manner we didn’t get along all that well the first time we met. However, that was mostly because he was telling me I couldn’t have surgery until the next morning. In his defense, he’d been in the operating room all day on a stat holiday. In mine, I had a broken ankle and a low dose of morphine. We found some common ground when he agreed to up my dose of painkillers and I agreed to pass out for the rest of the evening.

I don’t really remember talking to Dr. McSurgery in the morning before my procedure, although Mom assures me he was very polite and even joked with her. She also assures me that if I decided I’d like to date someone similar that she’d be very supportive. God bless parents.



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