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Dare to keep your kids off hugs June 8, 2006

Posted by ouchmyleg in Personal Experience.

In my opinion, the best accident stories should always start with one of the following phrases:

“We'd started drinking around 2pm the previous Thursday…”

“In hindsight, I suppose it was the razor and not the fireworks that scared him the most.”

“I'd always wanted to make a biker cry, and that night I got my wish.”

In all of these stories there's a similar disregard for reality. A sense that something moronic, yet kind of fantastic happened at the same time. A feeling that even though the storyteller really misses his teeth/left arm/spleen that it was somehow worth it and years from now he'll sit in front of a roaring fire with his grandchildren/fellow hobos and wax nostalgic about the whole episode. If you're there, you might even tear up a little. It's that good.

Sadly, my accident story isn't like that.

I've been friends with “Mitchell” (kind of his real name) for nearly 10 years. It's no wonder we've stayed pals; we share a similar sardonic sense of humour, a gift for questionable choices and an ability to remember every line of dialogue from Wayne's World. Some of my favourite moments in our friendship have been sitting around his apartment at 2 in the morning, drinking coke and Jack Daniels straight from the bottle and talking about six dozen topics at once.

On the night I broke my ankle, we'd been hanging out, watching the Family Guy, listening to music and talking about graphic novels. I'd had a drink, he'd had a few, and by 1am on a Sunday night, I was ready to head home to bed. We walked outside, stood in front of my car and hugged goodnight. (Seriously. How boring is this story so far?) I did my usual goodbye move, and wrapped my knee around him and kissed him on the cheek. Then, perhaps inspired by the famous Eisenstadt photo from V-J Day, he tried to dip me back, lost his footing and we fell over. I landed on the bottom, with most of my weight on my left leg and elbow. When he fell, most of his weight landed on my leg. I wish I could tell you more about what happened beyond that, but all I really remember is feeling my foot slip, hearing a crack and knowing something was wrong. And by 'wrong', I mean 'a broken tibia in two places at the ankle joint and a fractured fibula'.

So, there it is. No pirate mishaps, no ill-advised tussles with Vin Diesel over a dropped McNugget, no triple-dog-dare gone too far. Just a hug. A hug.




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2. Laura - February 3, 2007

If you ever write a book, I’ll buy it. You have an incredible way with words….
Thanks for starting this blog. I’ll be casted on Monday 2/5/07, not for a broken ankle, but for a ligament-challenged one.
And, living in a 3 story townhome, I do believe I am about to join the fun.

3. Kayla - February 3, 2007

i know how you feel. I broke my ankle in a car accident and i hope you feel better!

4. cathy - March 20, 2007

I too know how you feel. I broke my ankle dancing like a wild woman on stilletto heels at a wedding when I fell. Since I am not a mere child (50) I should know better! Hope u r on the mend. Bummer. I miss my heels, but right now am in a plaster cast with a velcro shoe and a crocheted bootie. There goes all vanity and style and the gym membership. I guess you have a hug & kiss to remember!

5. Andrew - March 26, 2007

i just broke my femur in 3 places, my tibula in 3 place, and my fibula in 4 in a car accident, anyone got ideas on how to manage pain, and how to manage being bedridden in a cast up to my chest, for 2 monthss???

Linda rosencrans - June 10, 2013

Hi anon. I just broke my tibia and fibula this year in april, 2013. Looked down and my foot was turned sideways. So horrible. I think i am making some progress. I am 62, but used to be a terrific walker, could outdo my kids in their 20s. Not any more, i guess, as my 3 year old grand baby would say. Anyway, how are you now???? I saw your blog and just have to know. Lin

Linda rosencrans - June 10, 2013

This reply was meant for andrew. Sorry. Linda

Nelson - January 9, 2014

Andrew How are u doing I suffered a similar situation by breaking 3 vertebra in my Back. 6 mo all told , how are u these days

6. Anon - March 28, 2007

ok, i broke my ankles jumping off a flight stairs trying to impress a girl that i just met and never found out her name and she didn’t care, and all the while i was thinking about another girl i really actually liked, go figure, Anon

7. Vita - June 9, 2007

I broke my ankle (without dislocation) while playing football on the 1st of May. I will always remember the awful noise of my bone cracking. It happened just a day before my flight to Scotland where I wanted to climb up Ben Nevis. Useless to say that I didn’t make that far. At the moment I’m without the cast but with a very skinny looking leg.

8. Melissa - August 14, 2007

I just found out that I broke my ankle- going into surgery on Thursday… I love this blog. I too, was doing something so unvalient and dumb- something I thought that I was good at- walking… I tripped on some stairs carrying a cooler (which wasn’t heavy) of fish for my sister to take home. Luckily, I was in my best friends driveway and able to ice and elevate quickly… however I was 4 hours from home with a stickshift car (which has been happily parked in my driveway since) so my hubby flew up to me and drove me home, I thought it was just sprained but the doctor told me that it wasn’t… anyway all that to say it’s never glorious is it… i wouldn’t even make it on “scarred”.

9. Valerie - October 17, 2007

Broke my ankle August 24,2007. Was walking down the stairs and than I fell down them. Man the pain I felt. Called hubby at work he thought I only twisted it. He came home it took me 2 hours to get in to the car son 17 and 19 had to carry me. My 17 year old just picked me up carried me up the stairs and to the car. I have no idea how he did that. I am not a very small person lol. But I guess he is strong. Had surgery 2 days later. now 8 weeks later I am back to work. But still have alot of swelling. Hope that will go away. My doctor told me I did not need to use a cane or crutch so I am solo. And man it kills me to walk. But happy to be back to work. How long does it take before the swelling goes away anyone know? thanks

Jala - February 12, 2015

Wow 8 weeks is awesome ! I’m around there I broke my ankle and fractured my fibula. I’m in therapy now and I’m walking around but the swelling is killing me. It’s just annoying .i ice it and soak it

10. artsibella - December 13, 2007

Your blog has been great for me! its nice to hear how other people have dealt with it, esp someone independent like me. I broke my ankle doing a backward shimmy while dancing with a friend in the living room. Suddenly down I go with him following, landing right on top of me. I thought it was a sprain till the “egg nog” from the company Christmas party had warn off discovering what can only be described as a purple golf ball in my ankle = a broken ankle.

11. Prakash - January 7, 2008

Just got hold of ur blog when browsing the web for physiotherapy exercises post a broken leg 😀
Broke my tibia and fibula three months back in a motorcycle accident. It was horrendous by all means and measures. Imagine sitting on the ground under the bike and seeing that your leg is bent at the shin . Though I was shocked, two of my pals who saw it were knocked out on the spot. Thankfully, I have hordes of friends around here, since I am currently in my second year at a business school. Now, 3 months and 4 days post the “Judgement day”, I am waiting for this cast to come off, so I can get down and dirty with the physio.
Your story was pretty interesting. How are you doin nowadays ??
Planning to publish my blog, since I did write a lot, but have it all saved and not published.

12. Shelly - March 4, 2008

Wow! It feels so good to know I’m not alone. I knew people broke stuff, but it’s so difficult not feeling alone and frustrated with all the housework and stuff piling up that I cannot do because of a silly broken ankle/leg. I broke my left ankle/fibula/tibia on January 12, 2008, and had surgery the next day to pin, screw and plate everything back together. About a month later I finally get a removable, inflatable boot which I can take off to sleep, or take a bath. I still can’t get it wet, or put any weight on it, which means that I’m still walking around on crutches everywhere. In Maine during the winter, that means I don’t get to go much of anywhere. Being stuck at home when I want to get out and have fun with my son, and dogs really sucks. I am using alternative methods of healing, so I hope it heals faster and I can enjoy some of this snow, but I’m not holding my breath. I hope you all are well, and healing fully. Be in peace.

13. Hilario - March 12, 2008

Hello to all of you with broken ankles because only people with broken ankles dig this stuff out.
I just broke my ankle and tibia a week ago on march 3 and I’m still at home waiting to get “screwed” in. It seems Toronto Western is out of beds thus they cannot operate me untill they find me a bed. Needless to say I went through a lot of pain when I sliped on black ice and fractured my left ankle and tibia.
The pain still persists but not as much. What sucks is knowing that I have a long recovery ahead of me after my surgery and that day is still in the dark.
I hope everyone has a speedy and healthy recovery and that all you people out there going through the same find some usefull and entertaining stuff to do.
I’m currently assessing my personnal and professional situation. I’m going to take advantage of all this time off to perhaps take an online course or become the next power seller on e-bay (got to make money somehow 🙂
All I’m saying here is we should use the time to be productive or at least make the best out of it.
Take care everyone. Will update my status after surgery if I can get one done…at this rate I might have to do it myself.

14. oopsidaisy - March 15, 2008

Gosh, what a lot of clumsy gits! I thought I was the only prat daft enough to have broken an ankle. I still can’t believe how much it has affected me. I mean, we all see people with casts and crutches and think nothing of it – until it happens to us that is.

I was walking along on wet grass when I slipped and ‘popped’ my ankle. In complete denial, I tried in vain to put it back in position but every time I did and tried to stand on it my leg gave way. I was in middle of nowhere (highlands of Scotland), on my own, crawling along in a howling wind with rain lashing down on my when this guy appears out of the blue (or should I say grey). Thanks to him I got to hospital, was pinned, plated and screwed, then sent home. Three weeks later I am going mad, hate TV, fed up of reading (I never thought I would say that) and just thought I’d do a little internet surfing on broken ankles.

Little did I realise that there was this safety net out there. Thank you everyone just for being in the same position and making me realise I’m not a stupid soft idiot for feeling down, scared etc.

All the best to everyone – let’s hope we heal soon.

15. Lynz - March 26, 2008

I love this! Really giving me something to read when I can’t get to sleep because of my splint!

Well I guess I got a slightly more interesting story!
I’m at uni and we decided we’d have a party at our house for our housemates 20th.
Was all going swimmingly, good chat and booze flowing until some crazy nutter jumped over the back fence and simply wanted a fight.
I didn’t know this at the time… well I did when I went outside to check on people and realised it was a scene out of some horror film with guys walking up to me with lips/noses bleeding. Well…
Me being me decided whoever had started this was well… not carrying on!
So I go up to him ask him to leave… didn’t take to this kindly and smacked me in the face and unfortunately went over on my ankle!
I somehow got back in the house but insisted for the following week that it was just a “sprain”. Hmm.
You guessed it, finally went to A&E to be shown an x-ray of a nice fracture through my fibula!

Hope this was more of a valiant accident!

16. Trying not to break my neck as well... - April 17, 2008

I laughed out loud for the first time in a week when i found this site. I had had a bad night coming to terms with a) ongoing fight with a bean bag designed to keep my foot propped up (above the heart, like yeah) and b) dawning realisation that SWELLING is the big thing, (forget hopping, crashing into doors, not breaking my neck and generally having to tell everyone I meet about that pesky coastal path in Cornwall with slippy wet grass) and decided to look for practical/positive/education about best means of mastering the ‘swell scenario’. Oh the joy of the internet even if your thigh gets burnt if yourlaptop sits on it for too long…
So thanks. I am far too old (51) to be mastering a new art of hopalongagogo, but having entered this brave new world of like minded fibula.tibia broken souls I feel a lot better. we will survive.

17. I was the fool on April 1st. - May 15, 2008

Great to know you’re not the only one staring wwwoooe-fully out the window thinking how did I get into this state. Fighting the never ending battle with those evil crutches and in serious training for the olympic hopathon…when you’ve had it with the sticks. And telling another person for the millionth time what you did, so… Just to make everyone feel better :)… I did my ankle on the FIRST day of our family hols at centre parcs sis ‘in-law’ thought it would be a great idea to go roller skating/blading, small child decides to accidentally?!*. parent-assisted fall in front of my now newly found skating prowess.
It was one of those moments like in the films in slow motion…. shall I crush the little tyke with my 13ish stone or avoid and???? break my fibula. I did the decent/stupid (on april 1st) thing and now I’ve had 9 xrays and numerous vague meetings with docs. Anyway its not so bad I have a new laptop to do my work on, I’ve learnt to shave my dog (grooming!) and read all those books I bought but never got round to reading.
Before I finish my witterings one word of warning don’t have a accident a Centre Parcs they were about as good as my skating.
Bye to all you happy snappys will be back bifooted soon. JH

18. Cait - September 21, 2008

I think you should start a website with the best injury stories, I think mine might be up to par with yours as top 1 &2 for realistic how stupid was the cause of this? injury.

19. Leisure Suit Levi - April 25, 2009

I was debating shortly if I should save this post for tomorrow(since i have nothing else to do ofcourse) but I enjoy telling my story way too much. First i want to thank everyone for sharing, this page has been a lot of fun to read.
It was a hot rainy night in Phuket Town Thailand and I was at The Blue Marina Bar where me and some strangers had just popped the top off a bottle of black label “johnnie walker”whiskey. I speak fairly good Thai and was the only white guy there so everyone was eager to get me walkin sideways. Let me tell you it was the shit, I never had so much fun in my life.
At about 4am one of my new buddies dropped me off at my hotel,so there I was all alone now. I remember Walking into glass doors ,trippin all over, talkin half thai and half english to myself…WTF. It was time for bed but somehow I lost my room key…F%^&..what do I do now?THere was no front desk at this hotel(15.00/night). Well I remembered that the roof line went just below my room window(on the second floor). I stumbled down the hallway to a window that was un-luckily open. I looked out and jumped,falling thru the roof so fast I didn’t have time swear about it. Next thing I know I’m waking up on the floor of the BMW dealership crawling around. I fell twenty feet and luckily only broke my fibula in half 3 inches above the joint but my tibula is a mess. It broke into many many pieces at the base. It was so bad they had to use an external fixator.I’m 5 weeks post op and the healing is slow but thank whomever for the internet.
BTW-two surgeries,x-rays.hardware,12 days inpatient , personal nurse24/7,morphine,food and cruthches will set you back 4,000US in Thailand.
CHEERS-I hope you enjoyed my story and wish you all a speedy recovery.

20. sad in nj - May 1, 2009

i broke my ankle on sunday night-
i work for a shoe company- and i wear their shoes all the time.
problem is they have poor traction, not much of a sole.
I was slipping all day in these shoes but have been doing so since January so I figured i was fine, i have good balance and “fingers crossed” would come close to but not really take any spills.
I walked outside and there was a woven mat that my left foot slipped on and my entire body fell on top of my bent backwards right ankle.:( im having surgery tuesday and have already been bed ridden since monday with my leg up. I am freaking out-
so many things are going through my head, im lonely, im paranoid of gaining weight, ive been having panic attacks of my toes turning blue, heel swelling, uncomfortable sleeps, i even kick my leg when i wake up in my sleep and am paranoid im going to do futher damage.

To top it all off, all i can think about is how fast i wil recover, I have been looking forward to my friends wedding in june and i already bought the tickets and made hotel reservations. I can’t afford nor do i want to cancel. It will be the weekend of exactly 6 weeks from my surgery. Does anyone think i will still be able to go?

From the looks of other people’s stories i feel like i will be so let down.

i fractured my tibula.


21. christine Barrett - May 8, 2009

I was so pleased when i came across your website, like other people i was feeling really sorry for myself. On 24thmarch 2009, I was playing in my local park with my grandson when i decided to walk (slide)down the grassybank while playing hide and seek with him. I twisted my ankle and the pain was unbearable, looking down i saw that my ankle was at a funny angle and realised as i tried to stand up anned my sankle did not wat to move with the rest of my leg. I shouted my grandson to go and get my daughter whe was sat at picnic table at other side of the park. When she saw my ankle and the pain in my face when i tried to move she rang for an ambulance and then called my partner who had just arrived home from work. The first responce ambulance man arrived first and after looking at my ankle he phoned for the ambulance to take me to hospital. Even affter xray and having my leg put in plastercast from my knee to my toes and being taken to ward i was under the impression that i would be operated on the next mornng if it was neccesary and then was told to have nil by mouth after 3.00 in morning in case of operation in morning. The next morning i was told that i would need to keep my foot elevated for at least 5 days for bruising to go down before they would even think of operating. imagine my horror as i was so sure that i was going to only be in hospital for 1 night (as well as fracturing my ankle my ankle had also been dislocated). I had the operation 6 days after accident. Then I was allowed home from hospital on the tuesday. Meanwhile the evening before my op i was taken to another ward. Before i left hospital I was only given 10 mins practise using crutches (in previous ward the people wh had had perations 2-3 days before me had several 20 minute sessions on crutches and they seemed very confident on them unlike me. When i left hospital i was luckily taken home in ospital transport which had a special stairclimbing wheelchair to assist me to get into my house up the outside steps as i couldnt put any weight on my ankle for at least 4 weks and then only partial touch weight for a couple of weeks. Before leaing hospital i was quite releived that i had downstairs bathroom/toilet. forgetting that i had to go up one step to the kitchen and two ore stepsinto bathroom andas i couldnt put weight on my ankle found i impossible to get to my bathroom. but there begins another story. its now 5 weeks since my accident and im waiting to go back to hospital for x ray and for check u to see how my ankle is healing.

22. christine Barrett - May 10, 2009

i cant wait to get to the hospital on thursday. Ive been told that im to have my ankle x-rayed and then to see Dr about how its healing. I am a bit concerned as I dont know wether the Dr will be taking out the pin that was put in during my op or wether it will actually stay in (CAN ANYBODY ADVISE ME ON THIS ONE) I dont fancy this as my ankle is still a bit painful. So yself and my family are taking bets on wether I will arrive home with another cast or no cast on my leg my grandsn wants me to get a black cast on this time. As Im just getting used to hobbling around on my crutches with cast on im a bit worried about hurting my ankle again. but i am loking forward to when i can get out and out a bit more.

23. ML - May 11, 2009

Ah yes, I too have a lame broken ankle story. I just stepped down wrong (barefoot) at a wedding reception (the heels had already been removed). The fun part is I was chasing around a cute boy who proclaimed to be a real live Christian virgin waiting until marriage! I couldn’t let him get away with that without a little bit of temptation… so I tried… and God struck me down! Broken ankle and foot and the foot needed surgery to put it back together again. Really wish my story was more glorious than “I twisted it”

24. christine Barrett - May 13, 2009

its nearly time for my x-ray, im still a bit worried about trip and how my ankle will be after my visit to hospital. Im concerned about having plaster taken off as i havent been able to put my foot to the floor properly for just over 6 weeks (at present im in fibre glass plaster cast which im not keen on as its split again) I acidently put weight on my ankle whwn trying to climb the stairs a couple of days ago (this cast only been on a week as the last one cracked across bottom of heel so wish me well as i dont know how i will be tomorow evening.

25. Lacey - May 17, 2009

I like everyone else am glad that I found this website. I broke my ankle last Saturday May 9th by another boring story. I was walking down a path and stepped on a rock wrong in flip flops. Drinking may have been a factor in my story as well. I went to the ER and they x-rayed my leg and told me I broke my fibula and dislocated my ankle. After a follow up Monday at the Dr. I found out that I tore the ligaments in my ankle pretty bad. I had surgery last Wednesday and am now just waiting for everything to heal. I feel everyone’s pain at being bored and wishing I could be better already. I like sad n nj had a trip planned for exactly the 6 week point. I am going to have to reschedule that trip because I know that my ankle won’t be well enough by then. I’m hoping to be in a walking boot at that point but still I don’t think I will be able to bear much weight on my leg. I keep trying to think of the positives which is that at least this accident didn’t happen during the heat of the summer or during the winter when the weather is really bad. I keep counting down each day as it gets closer to the 6 week mark of getting into a walking boot. Does anyone else have any tips about making the time go faster? I’m getting bored of tv and movies. I’m in grad school, so I guess I could be doing homework and some paperwork at home for my job. I just want to be back to normal and can’t wait for 2 months from now! Thanks for listening.

26. sad in nj- ( doing better ) lol - May 18, 2009

hey lacey
are you getting surgery? i had surgery a week after i initially broke my ankle- my first surgery ever i was SO nervous. luckily the pain meds helped and i didnt have much pain after surgery it was more before surgery with the swelling.

its been 2 weeks now tomorrow since my surgery- i must say when i found out that i wont be walking again without crutches until july 1st i was really let down and had a another cabin fever breakdown. i just feel like its been forever already and im not even half way done yet.

luckily i have a great boyfriend whos been there for me when my own sister who lives with me has not ( thats a whole OTHER STORY )
my company will tell me my disability benefits tomorrow and am just glad its SOMETHING rather than nothing.

idk how the heck people do it here- i work in NYC for pete’s sake. its insane with the mobs of people and my daily commute is a mob scene, i probably take a total of 10 packed staircases a day and at least an hour commute. 30 minute walking included.

i am going to have to cancel my trip too but i cant reschedule the wedding cant wait for me 😦 i just dont want to fly and commute and travel with crutches still too much of a risk and pain in the ass.

Dr said at 6 week point i should be good. but that in reality meant- at that point i will be then using crutches with partial weight for 2 more weeks and then at 8-10 weeks i can put weight on and take off casts?? no word on my physical therapy yet- i get my gortex water proof cast on thursday so i will be able to shower by myself finally – YES… just need stool.

im going to need a buddy in june so i can get outside and get some sun—- once it stops raining and is sunny out being cooped inside is going to kill me.

27. Stina - May 21, 2009

Message from my bed! Current view, blue cast propped up on three pillows! Currently feeling very thankful having found someone able to articulate current situation. Wishing narcotics were not presently taking over brain so descriptive words other then current come to mind! Have found, recently, that I am not alone, there are other sad universe dwellers that feel bed sores, am very excited! And now hoping that vocabulary changes from narcotics, crutches, and sleep to walking, heels, and whiskey coke (double). Yours truly.

28. Ronnie - June 6, 2009

Hey everyone. My name is ronnie and this is my story….so i get drunk steal my roomates girlfriends car to go see a friend, mind you i have no license. they come home early call the cops and report the car stolen. i finally come back to a pissed off crowd. The cops show up i run out the back door and try to jump a 6ft fence. getting up was no prob as there was a tree stump and a boat on a trailer to prop up on. The hard part, the drop, drunk and discoordinated and in the dark. i go for it! All i hear/feel next when i land, snap crackle pop! instantly i scream out loud. At this point i dont care what happens to me and i am crawling back toward the house. Cops are standing there basically uninterested as i may of interrupted there coffee break, my roomate and his dad are wanting to kick my ass, the girlfriend has already got her keys back so shes thankful as now she has a implement to snort her blow with (i really cant stand her). An old friend is there yelling at me whom i havent seen in years and a drunk guy talking to me about what i dont know. So the girlfriend doesn’t press any charges but i am kicked out of the house. Finally the fire department ambulance arrives and carrys me off to the hospital. I get seen right away as it is a slow night in the ER. xrays get taken and after a short while a pretty nurse comes back and sais i broke my left tibula and fibula clean! Another nurse comes in and has to place my left leg in a splint until i go for surgery in the morning. I think this moment was the most pain i have ever felt in my life. The nurse has to actualy pull the leg straight and together for the splint (keep in mind no painkillers yet and the booze has worn off dry) I screamed so loud i prob scared the other patients. So after some time and a series of bloodwork i finally get a nice shot of morphine straight into my vein….”aaaaaahhh what leg?” i am in wonderland and pass out till the morning. So around 9 the doctors come in i get full ekg and they run all vitals making sure i am ready for surgery. im good to go. I get wheeled to the O.R. I remember 2 doctors sitting there by what must of been a 72″ plasma flat screen listening to iTunes and talking aout there weekend. Then another doctor comes in and they quickly stand up and the iTunes screen and music go off to a picture of my ankle Xray. (this must of been the head doc.) So the usual introductions to the ppl in the room, a series of questions to follow then the mask. ” ok sir now start counting and breathe deep” 1 2 3 4 5 6……..7…………..8…………ni……………..t…ZZZzzz…….I wake up in the recovery room and am told my mom called to see how i was, this meant allot to me as i was in a post op/anesthetic state of depression. I have a cast up to the knee and was told i have 2 pins and a plate on the right or left i forget and 2 more pins on the other side. To make a long story short i get wheeled into a room where i made friends with they guy next to me who just got his toe amputated due to diabetic complications. A few more shots of morphine then no more, pills only. I stayed 3 days because i had a fever and my blood pressure was low. I get released and my friend lauren picks me up. We meet my brother and he sais mom is so pissed at you, heres 400 dollars for a hotel for a few days and after that im on my own. oh i forgot to mention my birthday was this day. after the money was spent up and i had to leave the hotel lauren drove me to a homeless shelter in new york city. I stay there a whole week on cruthces struggling and my ankle killng me from swelling, leg twitches, dreams of ppl running into my leg and just no proper bed rest as per doctors orders. So now its been two weeks and i am writing this from my smartphone at laguardia airport. I am going to rehab folks in Memphis Tennesee to get better and to deal with my alcoholism and mental issues etc….so wish me luck folks. ill get the cast off down there and get a boot but im still using the crutches and prob will be for a while. I am learning a lesson the hard way so everyone please try to think next time your going to do something stupid. I wish i hadnt done what i did but at least now im on a different path in life. From here i can only go up. Stay up folks and remember broken bones heal harder! thanx for reading this. Ronnie

29. Rebecca - August 9, 2009

It’s interesting to read everyone’s stories and about how their breaks happened. Everyone seems pretty bored though. 😦 I haven’t gotten anywhere NEAR the point of being bored out of my mind, but I can tell that it’s going to happen verrrry quickly.

My accident happened yesterday. It was my brother’s birthday, so we had all sorts of people over at our house and it was very noisy and crowded. After the presents and cake were over with, I decided to go on my trampoline. I was on by myself for about 10 minutes, then my cousin’s girlfriend’s children came on, along with my cousin. He is very muscular and he probably weighs 200 pounds, which is a lot more than I weigh. He was being very rough and reckless and he kept bumping into the little kids, who started crying and eventually ran to their mom. I started getting this bad feeling that I should just get off the trampoline before something happened to me, but I didn’t listen to my instincts, unfortunately. A minute later, my cousin jumped and landed very forcefully, with me landing a second after. I got the force of his jump and my right ankle turned inwards. Or outwards. I can’t even remember it happening anymore. It made a disgusting cracking sound though, that everyone around me heard. I could feel that something was wrong so I went inside and elevated the area, put some ice on it, and compressed it. Today my grandma’s friend came over and took a look at my ankle. He said it was probably a fracture and that we should go to the hospital. We went there and I was quite lucky that I didn’t have any of those waiting-room horror stories where people wait for 30 hours. It got looked at and they said that I fractured my fibula. Luckily, I had the least bad type of break out of the other possible types. Whew.

I hope I didn’t break my ankle in vain. My cousin feels terrible, but I’m wishing that he’ll have finally learned to stop rough-housing with people half his size. I definitely don’t want the same thing to happen to anyone else. So anyways, that’s the end of my story and if anyone read through that, good job. I’m very tired after all of this and I’m not writing too clearly….. Haha.

30. jeanette - September 11, 2009

Well, dancing on the table got me a broken fib and tib and a pilon fracture ofte tib.. – done 7 weeks in plaster another 3 to go.. had to cancel the trip back home to England that we had booked for 6 days after my accident. – plates and pins.. 3 kids and a lifestyle block – and a house to do up and part time work .. well – its all on hold.. accidnet happened in July – doc rckons i,ll be right in March next year.. – Was I having a god night on the night of the accident? – Yes, and I will deal with it all in good stride. – Life sends us some shite sometimes and we just have to deal with it.

31. larry - September 23, 2009

be warned alcohol a quad bike and the words “ere this is how you do it” should not go together as it resulted in me breaking my ankle so bad the bone was poking out one way while my foot faced the other cool!!! now after 2 ops and several pins a plate and 6 weeks of plaster and boredom i have just come to the conclusion at 48 that its radio 2 slippers and a pipe from now on !!!

32. Kim in Ohio - November 1, 2009

We are all such creatures of habit…and routines..that’s what Im blaming for my accident 2 weeks ago..
I had awakened for work on Monday…and decided to eat breakfast before showering (instead of my usual routine of showering, getting dressed and ready for work before grabbing breakfast on the way out the door)…not only did I break my routine by doing things backwards..I also broke my left ankle and sprained my right foot..
My hallway is dark and I missed the bottom 2 steps of 4 from the kitchen to my bedroom …my legs folded beneath me as I fell….scared my poor dog…when she heard the big KaaaaThuddd!! as I fell…..No way could I stand to walk so I crawled back to my bed in denial…and hoped the injury would just go away…but faced reality a few hours later when I still couldn’t bear weight on either foot..called my husband from work to take me to the hospital..for xrays and surgical repair…
I wasnt able to use crutches because of no weight bearing on the left and limited on the right..I hopped with a walker instead….It was hectic when I returned home trying to negotiate cement porch steps( I end up crawling up them backwards – butt first) as well as the ones I fell down…and 4 more to get to my bedroom…doctor says 8-12 weeks recovery time…Im hoping at 4-6weeks, I can get around enough to return to work(desk work)…
Needless to say..for the past 2 weeks, Ive been trapped in my bedroom….imprisoned by STEPS… I know it could be way worse and Im truly thankful that its not…I read…watch lots of TV….surf the net….listen to music and play games on my Ipod…have a husband to keep me fed and bathed..
Reading these stories have encouraged me..Like many of you, I started searching the web for some encouragement…looking at waking casts..and hoping that when I go for my follow up appt one week from tomorrow…my doctor will tell me, ‘you’re healing well’…and wil be able to walk soon’… at least well enough to get out of this bedroom…baby steps…right..wish me luck…I hope you’ve all healed and are up and about !!!

33. Jasmina - November 12, 2009

Best friend came home to visit. Went out drinking. I was on fire. Next thing I know a friend (240lbs, 6’4″,solid) fell on me(110lbs soaking wet, 5’8″). When he got up he stepped on my medial malleolus. It rotated 180degrees flipped & went up my leg. What a mouthful. Surgery two days later. One pin. Fiberglass cast for three weeks.No weightbearing. & yes I’ve lost weight.
Now it’s been a month with boot. Physio for three weeks now & I get around the house without the sticks. Slowly. Next xray is in two weeks. So far so good physically. Mentally is a whole other story. All I want to know and it is very silly to you but not to me… Will I be able to strut in my four inch heels by new years????
I love my shoes!!! The night before this I told the guy who snapped me that I had never broken/sprained anything. That’s when the timer went off…. Almost to the hour the next night I had a cankle:(…now all I say is I’ve never won the lottery… If anyone can answer my need for sexy high heels let me know.

34. Sharon - November 19, 2009

I broke my ankle in three spots about eight weeks ago, and of course not doing anything except walking. Yep fell right off the side walk. I heard the break and as you all know its a sound you never forget. It was about 11:00pm so it was dark and there was no one around and of course I did not have my phone which is very unusual for me. I panicked and tried to stand up really quick and just fell back down. i layed there for a minute and said ok what am I going to do. I wasnt far from my apartment which my boyfriend was inside but its on the second floor. I started crawling. Finally I reached the bottom of the steps and started screaming for him. My boyfriend came down picked me up and off to the er we went… its been 7 weeks since my surgery (pins, screws, and a plate) and the cast finally came off. I was prescribed a walking boot and Im feeling very discouraged because I havent learned how to walk in it. Its only been 1 day and still cant take a step without my crutches. My foot also looks so creepy and the top of it is numb. I can take the boot off for sleeping or to bath but I dont like to, i feel so vulnerable without it. Am I just being a baby about all this???

35. Jasmina - November 20, 2009

You are not being a baby. The first thing you need to do is start physio. After a couple of sessions you will feel comfortable to start putting minimal weight on it. I have a walking boot right now since Sept 14th..funny how I remember these dates. I couldn’t put weight on it until Oct 14th. It took a few physio sessions. Once you start stretching/resistance exercises you will feel a little more comfortable everyday. I promise. I have my next appoint next week hopefully this stupid boot will disappear. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to do the exercises.
The ankle is like a socket. It moves in a
round/up/down motion. Please make sure you just take your time. Don’t overdo it. The difference I have notice in my healing has been huge in the past two weeks. I can stand just on my injured foot on it’s own. Sounds silly but standing on one foot is huge for me. Wearing high high heels….will be even bigger. Make sure you invest in a couple of Therabands of different strength. Do the exercises at home. I can’t work…I’m a massage therapist. So right now all my time is devoted to getting my ankle back & better. I had a cast too. I thought those expired in ’84 but I woke up with one. I don’t use the boot around the house but I am very careful!!!!
Just wear it like the fiberglass cast. It’s just a cautionary tool to keep your ankle stable. I do wear it when I leave the house with the crutches
because I can’t walk with it on it’s own. It’s awkward. You probably can’t put your foot flat on the ground either & that will take about a week. Your muscles especially your Achilles are going to be tight. I was discouraged but take it day by day. If you need anymore advice let me know…I can go on forever. By the way I heard the break & it is a sound you never forget & never want to be reminded of. Take care.
P.S. Ice is your best friend right now

36. Sharon - November 21, 2009

Jasmina thank you so much for listening. My doctor told me after 3 weeks of wearing the boot that then I might need some physical therapy. The only exercise my doctor told me to do was bend my toes back with my fingers. He said the bones healed beautifuly and that I wasnt going to do any damage by walking on it with the boot without crutches, but it sure does feel like it. I was nervouse about putting ice on it, I dont want to make it tighter than it already feels. I was thinking soaking it in warm water would be better?

37. Jasmina - November 24, 2009

The ice will help with the swelling. You can put heat on it too bc it will help to loose the muscles and it feels good. I just started walking without the crutches but with the boot & it is awkward.
Only put as much pressure as you are comfortable with. You could also try stretching your foot out by bringing it away & towards you.
If you put a handtowel on the ground try picking it up with you toes & repeat 30x. It’s very boring.
You can also put your foot on the towel & slide your foot side to side but leave your heal stationary. Repeat 30x. It’s great that the bone healed well. It’s just about getting the muscle movements back. It may seem hopeless but day by day you will improve. Put heat on it before you do exercises as it will loosen the muscles.
I suggest using the crutches when you are out of the house. It’s just that outside of the house there’s a lot of uneven ground. It’s much safer in the house. Your injury is still quite recent. I’m not sure what damage you have around the ankle joint or if pins were put in either the lateral or medial malleolus. I also googled about what types of stretching to do & that helped. Sometimes you have to because the doctor only has so much time. I hope this helps you out some. I see my Dr. on the 25th so I’m hoping I can ditch this boot & crutches. It’s starting to cramp my style LOL. Wish me luck.

38. Jasmina - November 25, 2009

I just re-read your first post. You’ve had your injury for a while & I can’t believe you had that cast for 7 weeks. I had that for 3 weeks before my boot & I lost my mind. It was so heavy & big
(there’s not much to me) I thought I was going to fall over. I think I bathed 3x. I think you should start stretching/ strengthening from the knee down & not just your toes. I think the longer that your ankle is not moving the harder it will be to get it back. If the Dr. is allowing you to walk on it with the boot then I can’t see why you can’t do a liitle stretching. My friend fracture tib/fib at the beginning of summer… In both legs. He has pins & plated & I saw him walking without the boot at the gym eleven weeks later. Crazy or what. The dude was in a wheelchair. That’s how I got the boot for my leg. Saved me 350$$$. Sharon I know your doctor said “you may need physical therapy” but I can’t stress enough that you will need it. It’s also about how your injury could affect you in 20 years. Broken bones suck. Let me know how things are going or if my advice helps at all.

39. sharon - November 27, 2009

still no luck without the crutches. its been over a week now since the doctor said i could walk with the boot and i havent been able to. its s frustrating when i go to take that step its still a reflex for me to put my weight on the crutches. any advice on how to get over this fear of falling again? everyday i say today is the day and i cant do it. well im off to try again. hopefully the next time i sign in i can say i did it. wish me luck.

40. Jasmina - December 1, 2009

I know it’s frustrating. Your break was a little more severe than mine. You are definitly going to be able to teach a class on patience when your done with the recovery. Patience is what I learned from this. You will be able to take a step. But for now if you can’t just focus on the little exercises you can do while sitting. You will need to stretch/strengthen a little before you pig that foot on the ground. You have probably lost most of your muscle from the knee down so it only makes sense that you are hesitant to walk without the crutches. Maybe practice walking with the crutches & no boot. I did that. You’ll feel a little more confident knowing that you have the support of the crutches. It took me a good couple of weeks to build up the confidence to walk without them plus my foot was so stiff I just couldn’t get the range if motion. I was also very weak. Your leg is probably weak and you don’t want to risk putting much pressure. You’ll have to build a little more strength in your ankle too so it stabilizes you. You don’t want your ankle to give out. That’s what I’m dealing with. I can walk but it’s very slow. Stairs are one at a time because my foot is still tight. Standing on one foot is out of the question because my ankle is still weak. It’s a slow process but it will happen for you. I’m sorry I couldn’t get back to you sooner. The quicker start physiotherapy the better. Hope to hear from you soon.

41. L - December 12, 2009

So, I have just found this wonderful blog, and it appears to be a fountain of knowledge! So I’ll share my story, it goes like many others, I was drunk, but there were not obstacles in my way, it was flat ground and i was in flat shoes, i simply slipped over, convinced myself it was a sprain and didn’t get an xray for 2 days. I have fractured my right fibula, but it was not displaced and did not require any surgery. I get my cast off on the 30th December, I fly to New Zealand on the 31st, the doctors are fully aware of this, and I have told them that I refuse to wear a boot, insisting that my friend, an Australian Netballer is more than qualified to strap it with tape so that it is essentially immobilised anyway. So this brings me to the question portion of my comment.
-How weak will my ankle really be?
The doctors are so ambiguous, because I am sure they don’t want to get in trouble for telling me the wrong thing, but I am concerned that I won’t be able to walk at all.
-Should I be putting any weight on it while I’m in my fibreglass cast?
I have found that I can weight bear a little bit, in that I can put both feet comfortable on the ground and put a little pressure through my right leg without any pain or discomfort, does this strengthen it, even if it’s not what i really should be doing?
-What exercises can I do now and when I get my cast off to strengthen my ankle?
I have very strong (read: bulky, muscular) calves and am doing hamstring and calf stretches in the hope that my achilles won’t be too tight, but is there anything else i can do to improve my chances.

Sorry for all the questions, its just that this is the most helpful, funny, interesting, useful resource i have found, and i’ve been in a cast for 3 weeks. I am desperate for information, and being part of gen y i was getting very frustrated with the internet not providing instant answers to my myriad of questions

42. Jasmina - December 14, 2009

Dear L,
I advise wearing the boot. Your ankle will be weak. Very weak. Trust me. You can still walk with the boot. The boot provides support and stability. I wouldn’t advise putting any weight on it with the fibreglass cast. Trust me when that thing comes off there will be lots of atrophy. I wore a fibreglass cast for three weeks. When it came off nothing was left. Get physiotherapy as soon as you can. That’s the key to a fast recovery. Another great tool is the Internet for stretches. I learned lots. If the Dr. tells you to wear the boot wear the boot. I could tell you horror stories of those who didn’t listen. One girl rebroke her bone when she didn’t listen. I’m not kidding. Good Luck with everything & I wish I was flying to New Zealand too. Take care.
Jasmina ( you can read my posts about my break & yes I was drunk at a festival)

43. stacey - January 6, 2010

hi all!
as you all are, im glad to have found this site as well. i gues sim not the only one bored out of my mind just sitting or laying and for the first time ever having to deal with daytime tv all day, everyday.
im 44, a teacher, a mom to 4, a dog owner of a pup and a 10 yr old.
boring, stupid story. walked the pup on new mushy, wet snow. he pulled one way, i the other…then he jerked HARD when it wasnt expected, LOUD pop, down on the ground in the wet and mud. instantly knew i had broken it and the foot had the feeling of just hanging there.
now, i can go to work almost everyday that the weather is clear with no rain or snow…..been in a regular cast for about 4-5 weeks. scared to death as i go back the end of this week for xrays and possibly getting a removable cast. dont want one. as much of a PITA as this heavy thing is, i dont want it off as it offers protection.
yes, i know the things i can do when i have this off….go to the bathroom easier, shower easier without the damn thing that looks like a gasket and practically cuts off your circulation, and such. biggest concern is that when it comes off, i want it ready to go and 100% OFF! i want shoes instead of shoe, socks instead of sock, and those lovely high heels not to mention my ice skates and roller blades……OH, and did i mention getting rid of those damn crutches that began by taking out my shoulders and armpits, but since i havenow been taught how to use them “correctly” are merely wreaking havoc with my poor hands and wrists…….

44. Terri M - March 2, 2010

I’m not alone thank God. I broke my ankle and torn ligament this past Christmas slid off cousin porch. I’ve been on crutches every since. The surgery was on December 30 and I have a long rod and screws. Still can’t put any weight on it cast is off and I have the removable cast boot. Next visit is March 18 hopefully I can put weight on it. Until then it is warm to touch and pain where screws are in place is that normal.

45. Christine - March 13, 2010

This blog is fantastic! I’ve been in my cast for 5 weeks now and am getting out of it next Monday, the 22nd. I can’t wait! Definitely getting cabin fever and there’s so much I want to do but can’t! My story is just as exciting. I was walking across a friend’s deck and got my toes caught in the slats of the deck. Bam, landed really wrong. Everybody assumed I’d just twisted it, but after 90 minutes of keeping it up and with frozen peas on it, we decided to give in and go to the hospital. Broken in 3 places and 2 metal plates in my leg later..

Everybody says, “oh, those high heels, I guess they got you eventually” – nope, I was barefoot.
“Ah, alcohol, so much to answer for” – nope, I was sober. Wish I’d been drunk, then it wouldn’t have hurt as much!

46. Jay - March 26, 2010

I broke a bone in my ankle this moring. They put me in a walking cast (thank God) and gave me some crutches that were adjusted too short. I am told it will be 4-6 weeks recovery. My story is very dull. I just woke up and was heading towards the bathroom and my ankle rolled. Well, I rolled with it. I now know what people are talking about when it come down to pain. Mine was not even that bad compared to some of the great stories I am reading. Do not rush in the morning, even if you think you will be late for work.

47. theshiznipcrip - March 30, 2010

This site is great… hilarious and comforting all at the same time!! I broke my ankle in 2 places 6 weeks ago and have only 2 more sleeps until I get this wretched thing off (I hope). I went to ride my skateboard in the street at around midnight (after a few wines) cos that’s just what I do sometimes. My first attempt at standing on the board and BANG, it went from under me. I hit the ground in the usual fashion and although it kinda hurt (like every other stack), I thought I’d be right so I hobbled into bed and went to sleep. I woke up a few hrs later to a very sexy, blue, cankle which made me realise there was no denying this one. I crawled army style to my front door and called a cab (it was 4.30am!) and then called my sister crying, and asked her how I was supposed to go surfing now?! $60 later I arrived at the hospital and waited…. and waited. My fate was sealed, at least 6 weeks in a cast, maybe an op?! I was lucky and avoided any surgery, although I have been bad and have pretty much walked on my cast the whole time as it has been way to hard to do anything I need to do on crutches… (I have done 5 weeks of primary school teaching rounds with a spakky leg!!) In 2 days I guess I will find out how stupid this really was!?
As hard as this experience was, or still is, I have learnt heaps – patience, acceptance and most of all, gratitude for all the things I had but took for granted. I also learnt alot about people in general. How people you thought were your friends kinda disappear when you need a helping hand… but then there are also awesome strangers who go out of their way to make your life easier. One big social experiment if you ask me!! I am definitely a much stronger person, and hope that all of you find the strength you need to get through the trying time that is, being incapacitated! Next time I see someone on crutches, I will totally see it in a different light. I imagined that being a crip would be a physical challenge, but I never realised the mental battle that comes with this blasted injury… good luck to you all 🙂

48. Jerrilu - March 30, 2010

I also broke my ankle about ten days ago. I have beem using something called a knee scooter that has been a lifesaver. I rented it from a place that has medical equipment. It was not cheap, but has really been great. I scoot around the house and am able to do things I never could with crutches or a wheel chair. The doctor recommended it. You may want to give it a try. Enjpyed reading your stories.

49. A skiing talent! - April 23, 2010

A big shout out from Slovenia, a beautiful skiing country 🙂 This winter I decided to learn how to ski, since I have been living in this country for years now, right beneath the Alps. And I mean the ski slopes being literally above my house. Yap, you guessed it.
My skiing season ended with my boyfriend cheering me on to ski on a slope I had absolutely no business being on. And so because it was his birthday and I was SO good of a skiier at that point and my confidance was through the roof I went for it.
In the middle of the slope I realized, too late, that beneath all that snow was a thick patch of ice. The rest is a blur. I started performing sumersaults mixed with screaming, until my guy saw me and luckily stopped my demise down the hill. After a grooling wait for the ambulance and drive to the hospital, I finally saw the doctor. Must say that when they took off the skiboot which was an interesting experience (very “ouch”), I felt relieved, convinced that it is just a sprain. With big thanks to my skiboot I did not need surgery, because it immobilized the fractures. FYI…when you do break your ankle…NEVER take your footware off, no matter how much you want to, and boy, you want to! My fibula fractured in several places and I still did not need any surgical intervention.
It`s been seven weeks of being stuck in this cast and I still have a week to go. That is of course, if the doctor doesn`t prolong it AGAIN. There is a chance I might spend another month in this cast, depends on the X.rays.Trying not to think about it.
And so, this is my ankle break story….must say that reading your messages has made me feel a lot better. Not because you are all in the same mess as I am, but because it`s a nice feeling to know that there are people who know that this is not easy. I mean, if another person tells me how lucky I am because I can rest on the couch all day long, I will hurt them with my cast! 🙂

Be positive my new fracture friends, and patient.

50. nancy - May 8, 2010

If you get the chance travel to Lynchburg, TN because the Jack Daniels distillery loves to hear stories of women drinking Jack straight from the bottle.
Loved what I’ve read thus far–thanks for the post on breaking leg because there is not enough info out there to fill up ones vast amount of surfing time. We all want to get healed & are searching for every hint.
Thanks for the story,

51. Justin Hart - July 11, 2010

Hey everyone,

Nice blog Heather! You are a really good writer and it made me smile.

I feel your pain! I broke my left leg three months ago fighting with mother nature and surfing in big waves. Several lessons learnt! I had a spiral fracture of my tibia and fibula and I have been walking on it crutch-less for about 3 weeks now. I think it is more musculature pain now, and as I can manage a few km and then it flares up and the limp comes back. Slowly but surely it is getting better!

I just wanted to share with you guys something that really helped me keep my life moving, even though I couldn’t physically move for a few months! Quite by chance I received a very cool greeting card through the post by someone I had met a few days before my accident. Straight away I was blown away by the fact that not only had this person sent me a greeting card to say that ‘it was nice to meet me’, but the card also had a printed photo of them in it! On a closer inspection I noticed that although the card appeared to be in their handwriting and had their signature at the bottom of the message it had in fact been printed! It looked extremely professional but yet extremely personal.

Anyway I called up this guy and said ‘how did you do it?’ I want to be able to send card like this, and he asked me if I was near my computer. I said yes, that was about the only thing I had been near for the past week! What he showed me blew my mind.

He showed me an online system when you can chose a greeting card, from your computer, or create one with your own photos, write your message (in your handwriting), click the send button, and then the head company prints the card, puts it in an envelope, put a stamp on it and post it for you! That’s right! You can send heartfelt messages from your laptop, that look as if you took the time to go to a greeting card store, handwrite them, and then que up in the post office! All for under a $1, and in less than 2 minutes from your computer!! Very very cool! Especially when you are as immobile as I was!

Another awesome feature is that there is also the option to make money out of it. If you know anyone else who sends cards or gifts you can earn commission on all the cards and all the gifts everyone you know sends! I now earn more part-time than I used to full-time, and a percentage of that is residual income (income that comes in no matter whether I work a few hours at it or not).

Guys you have to check this out, you will have so much fun using it, it is a system that makes you a better person, helps you build relationships with people even though you never have to leave your house, and you can still earn money even though you are ‘not able to work’.

If you want to know more please visit my site now http://www.sendoutcards.com/tiger In fact if you click the ‘contact’ button at the top of the page I’ll personally call you, show you how to use this incredible system, and let you send a few cards for free, on me.

This has massively improved my life, and I know that it will massively improve your life too if you invest a bit of time to look at it.

Hope to speak to you soon,

Justin Hart

52. Kelly - September 4, 2010

Hey everyone,

Love the blog, though I wish it were a little longer.
A week and five hours ago, I fell a skating rink and heard a “crunch” and had the good sense to stay down. I fractured my ankle in three different places and dislocated it, though I can’t be as detailed in which bones since my doctor won’t actually talk to me for more than five minutes, though he will spend three hours putting my bones back together with plates and bolts.
I spent three days in the hospital, total, the first day waiting for afternoon surgery and the next two waiting around. Got A 15 minutes lesson on walking with crutches, in which my teacher nearly gave me a heart attack by making me walk down (no so bad) and up stairs (panic-inducing, especially since I was sure I would squash this woman if I fell on her) after which the nurse said, “She didn’t take you to the mock-stairs?” No, no she didn’t.
Here’s my problem. I’m a sophomore in college two hours from home. I broke my foot in my college town, so my doctor is there, but for my recovery I’m at home. Two hour car rides are NOT FUN no matter how many pillows you have. Plus, I’m in college. I’m missing at least two weeks on class. I’m taking Organic Chemistry, Physics II, the associated labs with both, and then two reading heavy liberal arts courses. I’m trying to figure out how to keep up with my sciences from home, and panicking on how to deal with a 17 hour class schedule when I get back.
I mean, so far everyone has been really accommodating. None of my classes are on the first floor, but all of them are in building with elevators, and the stupid golf carts security uses on campus will actually be of use to me, since I get to use them to ferry me to my classes. My other problem was that my dorm room was on the second floor, no elevator, but my Resident Advisor volunteered herself to fix that (I had to call her to give her permission to let my mom in my room to get some of my things) and got me a room on the first floor.
Still, I’ve been sitting on the couch for half a week and have almost a full week to go until my first appointment and I am BORED. I love reading, but I run out of books too fast and the fact that I can’t go pick out my own books from the library is driving me crazy. I’m sick of being online, unless it’s four in the morning and I can’t sleep because there is no way for me to be comfortable, no matter what position I’m in, and schoolwork, while time-consuming, still does not consume all my time. What’s left? Mindless watching trashy TV? Anyone else find a cure for broken-ankle-boredom?

53. Alice Gellner - October 24, 2010

Hello everyone…I am having a laugh and also getting some great info on this site. And of course, everyone wants to tell their story so here is mine. I am 62 and somewhat fit and was out enjoying a renewed love of mountain bike riding. My husband and I were having the best of best days. We had found some wild edible mushrooms and explored some new territory and I was riding trails that took me back to being 10 again and just LOVING IT. I took a turn through some really soft stuff to go back up a branch of a trail, we were looking for a great place to stop for lunch. The tire slipped and my super gripping runners didn’t release from my pedal and also I have osteoporosis and the rest is history. The only owwie was my broken ankle. It is a trimalleolar fracture. Fortunately I had the cell phone in a pouch around my neck so I immediately took it out while my husband tried to get me comfortable and called 911. The ambulance dispatcher lady was great. We were about 1/2 hour from nearest hospital and about .5 km into the bush on a trail. She instructed my husband to go to the road and wait for them. I got comfortable (ha!ha!) and lay looking up at the incredible tall, straight trees, blue skies and prayed Jesus, help me. I was focused on relaxing and praying and called 911 two more times to see how far away they were. She was so good. Reassured me. My husband came back once on his bike and brought me a coat. Finally I heard these awesome voices coming down the trail (about 1 hour after I fell). 5 firemen, 1 firewoman and 2 paramedics. They were great. Gave me laughing gas to calm me down while they splinted the ankle, took my runner off and put me on a stretcher. Away we went. Started an IV in the ambulance, more laughing gas and to the hospital. Morphine took over there. The doctor on call and the nurses were grimacing when they saw the angle of my foot. They were going to either put me under and set the bone if nerve damage was evident but they preferred to do it all at once if they could get me into surgery. I was so blessed on many counts. Had no lunch so surgery was okay soon, the BEST ortho surgeon in the area was in the hospital finishing up two hip replacements with his team that day and I was in surgery by 7 pm. Home by 10 pm. Pretty knocked out. Lots of pins, screws and a plate. A very heavy plaster cast at first. Went back to the hospital to cast clinic four days later. Lots of blood leaked into the cast so it was cut off, cleaned up the incisions and fitted me with an air boot which in my estimation is one of the best inventions in the world. I can take it off, use ice, scratch, clean the incisions. I can’t say enough good about it. The first four days were rather foggy and the pain was doable, but after the cast change, the pain level went way up and I didn’t get it under control. Had to go back on day 5 for a shot of morphine and then I was faithful with oxycoton for four days, then tylenol #3 and after about 9 days, nothing. I am learning a lot during this down time. I am learning to “be” and not “do” as much and my husband and I are doing some great marriage building things as well. All in all, I have seen some great blessings come out of this. I am doing a lot of research and looking forwards to the time when I can start physio. I go back 6 weeks for x-rays and evaluation for starting physio. Because of my age and osteoporosis I may have to re-assess my risk taking activities after. I had started a tai-chi class three weeks before my accident and have continued to do the chi-gong part of the exercises sitting up and it helps so much with the circulation and relaxation. I also use something called traumeel – highly recommed it. A cream but you can also take it internally. A homeopathic remedy. Here is my exciting plans for tomorrow. Oh how little things make us so happy when we are limited. Oh,, may it ever be. I am going to get propped up in the back seat of the car and my husband and I are going to go out to deliver the glass jars we collect to recycle and then the returnable bottles etc. to the depot and then we need to pick up a letter from the doctor and then we will drive to the ocean to sit in the sea breeze for awhile and then home to bed!! The meals in this hospital have been great. Look forward to reading more posts. Take care.

54. Kailey - July 5, 2011

I’m so happy I found this blog, now I don’t feel nearly as sorry for myself as I did before… in fact, compared to most of you I seem to have it pretty easy. (Not trying to brag here, but I had this ridiculous “woe is me” attitude before.)
My story is similar to Rebecca’s… me, my brother, and my best friend were on our trampoline a few weeks ago. It had to be at least a hundred degrees outside so we got out the hose to spray down the trampoline and cool off. I took the hose and sprayed my brother, and, of course, he wanted revenge. He snatched the hose back and prepared to spray me right in the face. In an effort to get out of the way, I jumped to the side and got double-bounced in the process… and as I landed my foot went inward, and I heard that awful crack. I think I immediately started yelling out in pain, but my brother (a 12 year old), rather than go get one of our parents, asked if he could” poke it” (my ankle). Needless to say, I was not amused.
I can’t remember whether or not my foot stayed at an awkward angle, but I do remember how insanely swollen it was. It got to the point where even my toes swelled. My aunt joked that it looked like i had one cankle. If I looked at my foot from the side I could notice that the entire top half of my foot had a blue-ish tinge. The sides and heels of my foot turned purple. A few of my toes bruised, as well. My uncle (an orthopedic surgeon) x-rayed my ankle and confirmed it was broken, but he never said how severe the break was. It must not have been that serious because he gave me one of those boot things to wear for 4 weeks. He told me I should walk on it without the boot a bit early, though, to build up to walking without the boot full-time. I’m kinda bad about that, though, because I walked without the boot for basically all of today, and it’s been about three and a half weeks. So I guess it serves me right that I knocked it really hard against the wall (yes… the wall) and now it hurts like crazy if I turn it too much to the side. Sigh.

55. Christina - July 10, 2011

This blog has made me feel much better about my broken ankle! I had a relatively minor break from what they said, but it still required surgery and plates/rods and all that good stuff. It’s been three weeks, and I have another three weeks before I can start putting weight on it … ugh! The crutches are cramping my style, but I’m getting much faster on them. I even went to a music festival last weekend (though I rented a knee walker … good decision.) I’m almost entirely off pain meds now but I suspect that will change when I start walking again. In the meantime, I’ll be crutching around. Thankfully, I hurt my left leg, so I can drive, otherwise this would be unbearable. Anyway, it’s really nice to read an account of a broken ankle that is free of melodrama, spelling errors, and extraordinary accounts of people never walking again after practically tearing their ankles off their bodies! Hopefully I’ll be back to normal soon.

p.s. I like that the author of this blog references her cats multiple times … my cats have been wonderfully, incredibly helpful and supportive during my healing process!

56. Tina O'Boyle - July 20, 2011

My extreme boredom from being couchbound brought me to this blog. It is nice to read that I am not alone…. however some of the entries saying that they have been in casts for 3 months or more have me worried. I am a very active person with a job that requires constant walking. I havent been there long enough to qualify for FMLA but they will keep my job for me as long as it doesnt go too long. What is “too long”? I was in a mototcycle accident one week ago today. I was ony my way to work and a car t-boned me, I had a stop sign… i stopped… the only traffic was a van coming towards me with a car behind it. The van put on it’s blinker indicating that it was going to turn down my street. I figured this was my chance to cross. Little did i know that the car behind the van was inpatient and sped around the turning van where it met with me on my bike halfway across the intersection. My left leg took the impact from the car and me and my beautiful 2008 HD Low Rider went flying. Ohio is not a helmet state so i choose not to wear one. It wouldnt have made a difference anyway. There was barely a scratch on my body elsewhere but my left leg under the knee was shattered. Every bone that could be broke down there was, and poking out of he skin. In fact i lost so much skin that they werent sure if they could even save my foot! 2 surgeries, a rod, and 5 days in the hospital later and i was sent home with a knee high cast that i swear weighs 50 lbs and a 5 minute lesson on using crutches. I go back on aug 1 to see if i may still need a skin graft as there was a spot that they werent sure would come back or not. The painkillers have left me so constipated that i look like i am 3 months pregnant. After many doses of miralax… i was finally able to poop after almost nearly a week. And it was nothing signifigant…. i still really need to go but cant! I know that sounds gross but has anyone else had that problem??? This is all new to me. I have never broken or even sprained a bone in my life. I am so used to taking care of everyone else (my 3 teenage stepkids live with my husband and i) that I am having a really hard time with the fact that i need people to take care of me. I have always been an active, high energy person, i stay in good shape, and this sitting on my ass has me not only stir crazy but scared of getting fat and losing all of my muscle. I have had like no appetite but I know i am not getting enough protein. The crutches are a workout… as is holding up the monstrous cast….. but due to my having to keep my leg elevated as much as possible i am still pretty much confined to the couch. Curious to know how long it has taken some of you to regain your strength in the affected leg once the cast is off? How long do i have t owait before i hit the gym? Ugh….. the rest of my summer is ruined 😦

57. Holly Clark - November 13, 2011

I broke my ankle in a really boring way – walking down a hill, slipping on loose gravel and going down hard. Fortunately, my husband and a friend were there to respond to my cries of: “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” The ankle swelled up right away, and we figured that it was just a sprain, but, to be sure, we went to my orthopedic doc the next morning. After seeing my x-rays, he came into the examining room and asked: “What color cast would you like?” Never having broken anything in my somewhat active life, this was quite a shock, and I thought that I’d be up and around in a couple of weeks. Well, I’ve been sporting a purple cast for a month now, and am very happy to discover this site and see that others have the same physical and psychological experiences.
My contribution to all of this is to highly recommend a transport wheelchair – crutches were invented by some sort of sadist and are a danger in and of themselves. I roll all over in my chair and can do much, much more than if I were tottering about on crutches. See if you can beg, borrow or steal one of these – sometimes a local group such as the Elks has equipment like this to lend out.
My suggestion to conquer boredom is to get a Kindle – fortunately, we had one, and I loaded up on books – you can get some for free, and, for once, I’m reading without guilt. It’s also a good time to practice or learn a new skill – napping is a great one, and will come in handily when you’re old.
Still have no easy answers for going up and down stairs – that’s where the butt stops – doing the crab crawl – not pretty, but it really works the triceps.
I really missed work in the beginning, but this life of leisure is starting to feel really good.
Hang in there, everybody – better days are ahead, and, as I always say: “Unless it’s fatal, it’s no big deal!”

58. Paula Jean - November 20, 2011

My husband is a school teacher, we live in the same town.He was close to retiring and wanted to work a few more years. I don’t care what anyone tells you if you are a HS teacher do not take and job in a small town and for heaven’s sake don’t live there. Anyway every time there is some stupid event at the school we get trashed along with the other teachers in town. So here I am on a ladder cleaning paper towels out of our apple tree and boom the limb breaks , my ankle breaks. ankle is not attached to the leg except by skin it seems. I drag myself 75 yards to the house and call my husband.
Broke the tib and fib. After waiting all day at the hospital, dealing with a sarcastic surgeon and some very tired looking nurses I have a plate and 7 screws drilled into my ankle. Then I was sent home with a pair of crutches. Do not use these things. Get a kneel walker, walker , wheel chair but don’t use crutches. They will damage your armpits and unless your are a talented athlete of 22 you will fall. I of course fell at the hospital and hit my head and bruised elbows while the nurses watched in horror.
I am on my 5th week of recovery. First 2 weeks in clam cast until they could take out the staples. Last 3 weeks in a cam cast. Just trying to get a cup of tea in the morning can turn into an hour from bed to stove. I have to try to calm the cats who have turned needy beyond belief since this happened. My husband stayed home with me until I got the camcast and was able to maneuver the kneel walker. I am sick of eating microwavable food, Have a bag on the front of the kneel walker which I load up at the kitchen and transfer to walker then to the bed. I have watched TV , surfed the net, read books and sit and stare out the window for hours. This is the most depressing thing
that I can imagine. Still have 2 weeks in Cam cast then an x-ray and removal of the two screws holding the Tib to the fib if all has healed well . That’s always in the back of my mind if it is healing well.
Take a deep breath everyone and learn to kick back and go slow.
It is going to be along haul.
I have written to a Dr.JP Driver-Jowitt
who has a site here on the net about the removal of hardware from your surgery. He has written to me that there is no reason why the screws and plate cannot all be removed. Has anyone been informed of this by their Dr.? I seem to be obsessed by the idea of leaving the screws and plate in is somehow not healthy. Does anyone else worry about this? I have enjoyed reading and somewhat consoled by reading all of your stories. I know it’s a bummer but I’m 60 so all you young people will be fine. Keep close to your bathroom and be careful. My wishes for a full recovery go out to all of you.

Holly Clark - November 20, 2011

All I can say is “Ouch” – you really did some damage!!! I’ve never heard of taking out plates and screws, but what do I know? Perhaps a second opinion is in order. Definitely!! I can so relate to your feelings of depression and helplessness, and agree with you about crutches – I’d love to meet the sadist who invented those! I’ve been using a transport wheelchair, which has been a blessing, except to the cat whose tail I rolled over. Stairs are another story….have not discovered a graceful way to maneuver them except on the butt – safer that way, as well. I broke my ankle on October 11th and have been in a purple fiberglass cast since then. My doctor told me this past Friday that I will need the cast for another two weeks, but I can start putting weight on the ankle – hooray! A good friend of mine got me a walker from the local Elks – you might look into that – and it’s been a blessing – any step forward (pun intended) feels so good! It’s truly amazing how a “simple thing” as a broken ankle can be so debilitating. If nothing else, it sensitizes you to the plight of the elderly and crippled. We went shopping yesterday, using the store’s wheelchair – went to the “handicapped” bathroom, only to find that the entry door was not at all helpful – it must have weighed 750 pounds. Yikes.
Wish I had some words of wisdom – sites like these are good for sharing stories and experiences – you know that you’re not alone and that your feelings are normal. And, there is light at the end of the tunnel!
True story – when I got my cast on my leg, an elderly woman in there getting her arm cast called to me as I was leaving: “See you on Dancing With The Stars!” Loved that! Just keep laughing!!

59. stacey - November 20, 2011

well, i suppose i should add my 2 cents………broke my ankle 2 years ago Dec 5th…….again, and unglamorous and stupid story like most of you…while walking the dog, he pulled, i slipped on some ice covered by a bit of snow, heard the snap, thought “uh-oh, i broke that”, felt the pain, looked at said hanging foot…..and thought about how i was going to get back into the house.
ortho said it healed beautifully after 8.5 weeks of a plaster cast, but it still hurts more than from time to time. i miss my heels, which i am afraid to wear. crutches were hysterical to try to use…..and everything i tried to do took hours. finally figured out how to load the dishwasher if someone left me a chair between the sink and dishwasher. tried spot vacuuming a few times, again from a chair. going to work was a trial in itself and i spent many winter days that year home out of fear of going back out into that weather. there are days when i still live in fear of snow and ice. to sum up the entire experience, i can safely say it was the dumbest thing i have ever done, save for marrying my ex husband.

60. Amanda Downey - November 29, 2011

I like this heather but feel your pain as I broke, dislocated and have a hair
Line fracture through decorating my new pad went upstairs to get all excess lining paper, missed 1 little piece and flew Doon 8 or 9 stairs and as I fell my right ankle hit the top stair and twisted and turned the whole way down not a pleasant sight when your bone is poking out your leg. 17.11.11 the date it happened..

61. Paula Jean - December 2, 2011

Has anyone had their screws break on them before they were removed. I have two screws between Tib and Fib . Dr. said he will eventually remove them but seems in no hurry. He said that sometimes they do break. That really is ruining my progress.
I am on my first day walking with Cam cast and not doing too bad but worry about these screws breaking. Any advice? My full story is back on Nov 20.

62. JAY - January 3, 2012

Jay- JAN 2, 2012

Hi I broke my ankle in three places on Nov 27, 2011. I was at a concert and it was dark and i missed a step. I also dislocated it. I had surgery on Dec 7, 2011. I got screws and plates. The first two weeks were the worst.I am at four weeks now and still have swelling and pain. I eventually got a fiberglass cast and had the stitches removed at about week 2. I got another fiberglass cast and my doctor told me i am to return Jan 6, 2012 for a boot. i thought to myself “a boot” that’s great but isn’t that too soon. I was told no weight bearing for 3 months. I guess the boot will be more comfortable than this cast? Like all of you I am bored to death. I miss work and being able to do things on my own. But I thank God that i have one good foot and i am on the road to recovery. What is your experiences transitioning from cast to boot?

Paula - January 3, 2012

I am at 8 weeks out from ankle break, screws and plate, I am 10 days from the boot. When I first walked in the boot my leg felt tingly from the toes to the knee. After 3 days I felt like I had been wearing it for ever. It is very cumbersome at times but at least you can take it off and you can walk again. The boot gives a lot of support and I also was instructed to wrap ankle with velcro wrap while walking. You will be fine but until then it can be very depressing. Think of it as a vacation and play games , watch TV, write . Whatever keeps your mind busy. It won’t be long before life will be so busy you almost miss the extra time. I said almost. Good luck and treat yourself well, eat well and never turn down an offer of help. If you need help ask for it .
People do not know how much you need them when you break your ankle.

Jay - January 4, 2012

Thank you for your help Paula. I hope ur doing well. Cant wait to walk again.

63. Sarica Russell - March 15, 2012

isn’t nice to know your not the only clumsy person out there!!!! my storys no better than everyone elses. to begin i broke my nose on 3/03/2012- caught a karate kick inteend for dad!!! the following day i was one the last step of the stairs and then on the the floor in pain. no surgery thank goodness but i am stuck in this cast for 3 weeks going under to get my nose fixed on 3/20/2012. i definatly took simple things like driving, walking up stairs, bathing….little things for granted, its all so much harder when your in a cast!!! hope everyone heals fast!!!!

64. Carla - May 3, 2012

Carla- May 3rd 2012
I broke my ankle in 2 places on Friday 13th April. Very simply slipped and turned on my ankle when drawing the curtains. I am now on my 3rd plaster cast, this time bright pink, still having xrays every week and still putting off the recommended surgery. My crutches blister my hands and bruise my forearms and I am feeling very sorry for myself. But what i really miss is a long hot soak in the bath. I too hope we all heal very quickly.

65. julie_powell_163@comcast.net - May 15, 2012

I had a triple break of the ankle March 13, 2012. Had surgery March 21. Went from surgery wrap to a hard cast then I was put in a boot on May 5 but still cannot bear weight on it. Can’t drive, can’t walk without a walker. I have not been able to work. I’ve got to get back to work before I lose my job how can I manage this?

66. Details on fat loss 4 idiots - June 20, 2012

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67. Donna - September 18, 2012

I am recovering from a broken ankle. It is almost 7 months and I am finally able to take a few steps. I have a limp and lots of pain -don’t think I will ever wear heels again. I fell down the stairs with me new puppy (Lull is fine).

Holly Clark - September 18, 2012

Sorry that you’re having a bad time – I broke my ankle almost a year ago – was in a cast for three miserable months, but am fine now, although very, very cautious. Heels are for masochists – don’t bother with them!!! Be sure that you’re getting plenty of calcium – don’t want weak bones! And, I’m glad that your puppy’s ok! Good luck!!

68. Paige Young - October 18, 2012

I love this site! Thank you for giving me the first real laugh I’ve had since I broke my ankle two days ago. My own ankle accident happened for several reasons that are hard to piece together into a cohesive story that will make sense to someone who wasn’t there at the time. It was surreal. First, I’m an insulin-dependent diabetic, which means that I have occasional hypoglycemic episodes – times when my body and brain don’t have enough sugar / energy to function properly. On that morning, I woke up mildly hypoglycemic, so my husband brought me to the kitchen for a glass of orange juice, to give me the sugar I needed. I said I was fine, because I felt fine, so he left and I was standing in the kitchen with the glass of orange juice, and then I noticed my hand shaking, and orange juice spilling all over the floor. Being in a hypoglycemic state, my brain decided to focus on what it thought was most important at the time – getting the glass onto a countertop so it wouldn’t fall and break. So I spun around to set down the glass, slipped on the orange juice, twisted my ankle, and then landed on it. My husband and son heard the crash, and rushed into the kitchen. My husband dialled 911. My ankle looked really bizarre – like something out of a horror film – with one bone jutting out above it, and my foot angled in a floppy position to the side. Here is where hypoglycemia is useful – my brain was still in such a dopey state ( despite the several more snacks and juice drinks my husband and son brought me ) that all I could think was, “Is that real? Is this a dream? That looks really weird. It can’t be real. This must be a film.” My son, who is 7, was really worried but his solution was to bring me lots of teddy bears and read me “Calvin and Hobbes” cartoons. Today I’ll see the orthopedic surgeon – my ankle’s broken in three places. Everyone in A & E said, “Yep, that’s a bad one, all right.” I wasn’t quite prepared for the helplessness and the boredom. This morning I washed my hair in the kitchen sink and felt like an action hero – believe in yourself, you can do it!!! Can’t wait for the whole ridiculous episode to be over, but in the meantime I’m trying to come up with a brief version of the story that isn’t just, “I slipped on some orange juice.”

69. Lyra Engel - November 14, 2012

Hi – joined the broken ankle club on September 7th and was in a plaster cast for 4 weeks, now still in boot and getting around with that and crutches….I would say to people just starting to use crutches, that it gets easier. It is especially hard when you have the extra weight of a cast. But your arms get stronger, you learn to use them properly. You learn to grab a coffee mug and can hold it by the handle and still use your crutches. Using a fanny-pack to hold a water bottle or a small shoulder bag with glasses, cell phone etc. is helpful. I could hang my left leg (with cast) over the side of the bathtub after getting in carefully (ease yourself into an empty tub from a chair brought to edge of tub) – then once you’re settled fill up the tub and enjoy!! It is important to improvise how to do things…..where there’s a will, there’s a way. I have seen every movie and TV series I have ever wanted to, am now more interested in reading historical novels (love Phillipa Gregory) and am thinking of doing some knitting and/or weaving. I try to help my husband with folding clothes, dinner prep and a little cleaning (vacuum/wash the floor from a chair, clean the bathroom (again use a chair to sit and push yourself around) Still, it can get depressing and scary sometimes. I have tried to let myself just feel my feelings once in a while and usually the next day I am more optimistic. Oooh- a couple hints – eat really well and to avoid exacerbating depression, stay away from sugar. Have fresh pineapple (not cooked) with yogurt (extra calcium)and nuts – pineapple has great anti-inflammatory properties (bromelain) and find some solomon’s seal oil (external use) and tincture (internal), if you are open to herbal remedies. This herb is a specific for ligament damage and fractures.

70. rabbit vibrators - April 24, 2013

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72. Cynshine - May 23, 2014

Well I’ll tell you this, your story tops mine any day. I was running late for school an early Monday morning. Light flurries of snow covered the sidewalk. In a matter of minutes I knew I’d be late if I didn’t pick up the pace, and so I did. My nursing books slowed my speed and weighed me down most the way. Yes, almost there! Looks like I’m going to make it. Slip! Gravity came down and down hard. I tried to stop my fall and then CRACK. At that instant I knew something went wrong. Both tibia and fibia broken from my slip on ice. Recovery stinks! Almost healed now 3 months later.

73. Kev - August 26, 2014

Haha,what a great blog. So here is what happened to me. My wife, 2 daughters and I left the house on Fri 11th July 2014 to go and meet friends in the park / bar about 2 km walk away, as we do almost every Friday. We arrived about 9pm as usual, kids went to play and we started drinking. Blokes and boys play football, women call husbands names. A great night. 12 midnight we set off walking home. About 1/2 km from home my eldest daughter asks me to swap pushing her bike (uphill for last 1 1/2 kms) for her little kids scooter. As we are almost home and just getting to a big downhill stretch before we arrive at our house, I readily agree. I jump on the scooter and set off down the hill bidding my wife, kids and friends a nice “adios amigos”. 200m later im losing control of the scooter due to excess speed. Try to brake and the back wheel is just skidding and sliding along the ground. Decide to let the brake off before I fall – start to lose control again. Try braking again – skidding again. Nothing for it I thought but jump off before I do myself an injury……….. So I bailed off. As I landed i knew it would hurt but better than something serious i thought. It hurt. As I was in the middle of the road i jumped up to get the scooter and get off the road but my ankle just clicked and I fell on the floor. So I tried again. Same thing happened. So I did my best army roll onto the pavement (decided the scooter could fend for himself) and that is when I felt my foot flopping about. I looked down and although my leg was straight my foot was lying sideways on the floor and I could see the bone sticking out the inside of my right ankle. I decided it would be a good idea to lie still and wait for the rest of the gang to arrive. Sure enough a few moments later I heard the inevitable “daddy” and “babe” cries and running feet pattering on the pavement. I calmly asked my wife to ring an ambulance several times but she was determined to get me home even though I had told her it was broken. I mentioned that maybe she should take a look at my ankle. She soon agreed and called an ambulance. From then on I suppose it was the same story as everyone else, much tugging and pulling, pushing of bones back inside, xrays and finally some pain relief and a plaster cast. Next day operation to insert plate and 6 pins on one bone and 2 pins on the other. Tomorrow 27/08/2014 I have to go back to have the biggest screw removed. It’s been interesting, boring, funny and not so funny but I thank god every day that I’m so lucky. I will be ok in afew months where so many won’t be. It has also made me realise how fantastic every single person who works for the health service really are, from the ambulance drivers, to the xray dudes, the bloke who pushed my bone back in then poured what felt like acid on the wound, the lady who pinned it together, the nice lady who cleaned my room every day in hospital and all the nurses who came all day and night to give me my antibiotics and help me to the loo and clean my horrible leg. I can safely say while breaking your ankle isnt much fun it is something we should not grumble about. We will eventually get through it (even though at first it feels like we wont) and it won’t kill us. Hope everyone gets well soon, and keep it reel.

salma - July 7, 2015

once my mum was at work her boss was calling her then the boss throw some plastic balls then when my mum picked them up she did not see one more on the floor she put her leg on it and twister ed her ankle she started screaming she was fasting then her lips got so white first she fattened then they took her to the ambulance then they done a operation and x ray her bone was missing she took 5 days until she came home they put her a plastic plate on her leg a turned her leg back it was hurting a lot she came on the July 7 2015 good she was fine they said 6 weeks with the plate

74. Alyssa - December 12, 2015

If it makes you feel any better, I slipped on grass while leading a horse out to pasture.

Horse did nothing – no drinks involved. I just slipped.

75. Amy Miller - April 28, 2016

Hello my name is Amy. I have broke both tibia and fibula with a rod down through my knee cap down to my ankle and screws holding it in place. I’m supposed to be only using toe touching weight bearing left lower extremely but I feel that i should be trying to do more. I am a very independent and energetic woman and right now I am feeling pretty much worthless. Please any and all advice is needed and much appreciated.

Stacey - April 28, 2016

DO NOT do more than they allow you to….you’ll pay for that the rest of your life should you choose not to listen. Many times the break cannot withstand even a slight amount of pressure…it will throw off the entire healing process. Once a bone is set (whatever material used or casted or both) it needs to be left alone to let the body heal there rest from the inside out. That’s how bones work…….and unfortunately I have broken many, the ankle I wrote about here 6 years ago……However, i learned this lesson when i pushed a broken arm as an independent teen. Stupid, stupid…because then it broke twice more in the same place. do as your told. they are doctors for a reason. Good luck!

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