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Tip #4: Use a walker, Texas Ranger June 4, 2006

Posted by ouchmyleg in Personal Experience, Resources.

For the first few days I was at my parents house, I wasn't strong enough to use crutches. I simply didn't have the arm and shoulder strength. The physiotherapy coach at the hospital suggested that I consider using a walker to ease myself into using crutches. I scoffed at her initially and assumed crutches would be easy to use. But when you're used to two legs that generally sit right under your body weight and hold things up quite well, switching to two thin aluminum sticks is a rather abrupt change. So, I gave in. The walker wasn't so bad, really. It had wheels on the front for easy manouvering on the carpet, and disseminated my body weight over the entire frame, making it simple to balance. Yes, I felt like a senior citizen most of the time, and yes, there are photos on my parent's camera that'll likely make their appearance in the next Christmas newsletter, but who cares? I've reconciled myself with the fact that I may have looked dumb with a walker, but I'd have looked even more ridiculous face down on the floor after breaking my other leg.

One of the best things about the walker, is that most medical equipment places can rent you one for a limited time (one week to three months) for a very limited cost. I believe we paid $25 for the one I used. Mind you, we only ended up needing it for three days before I was able to move up to crutches, so the per day cost is kind of steep in my case. Regardless, it gave me the confidence to switch to crutches and the knowledge that when my day comes that I get my own permanent walker, I'll trick it out with a big wicker basket on the front and an air horn. Or giant fins.



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